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dataxu® Professional Certification provides an educational path for platform users. Users’ understanding of our TouchPoint™ platform and associated concepts will be assessed in order to become certified at one of three levels.

dataxu certified platform user seal

Level 1

Prerequisite guidelines

Signed MSA

Learning paths

Beginner levels


Associated course quizzes

Certified Platform User Assessment

dataxu certified platform specialist seal

Level 2

Prerequisite guidelines

Certified Platform User

Platform usage

Learning paths

Intermediate levels


Associated course quizzes

Certified Platform Specialist Assessment

dataxu certified platform expert seal

Level 3

Prerequisite guidelines

Certified Platform Specialist

Platform usage

Media variety

Learning paths

Advanced levels


Associated course quizzes

Certified Platform Expert Assessment

Designed for:

  • Media Traders
  • Media Planners/Buyers
  • Account/Campaign Managers
  • Programmatic Specialists
  • Other platform users

What you’ll learn:

  • Programmatic Marketing 101: How it works, and how to engage consumers using a creative decisioning system.
  • TouchPoint™ Platform 101: How it works, and how to use it to run successful campaigns.
  • Media planning through forecasting.
  • Gathering data and rich insights to make informed optimizations.


  • Learn at your own speed
  • Receive accolades and stand out
  • Enable and promote success

Continuing education:

  • Certified users can maintain their status annually by ensuring all new related learning paths are completed as courses are added.
  • Courses on industry topics will be available for completion as part of the continuing education process.

Current Platform customers: Contact your dataxu representative to learn more.

Online Learning Center

The dataxu Learning Center is an on-demand, virtual classroom providing users with courses that run the gamut from foundational programmatic knowledge to specific how-to’s for TouchPoint™ platform usage. 

Customer success management & support

Our team of experienced and dedicated individuals make sure that business relationship alignment and your strategic marketing needs are consistently met. Customized account activation including Staffing Guidance, Account Planning and Strategy Development ensure your agency team is set up to succeed. Ongoing customer success management, on screen users guides and 24/7 customer support is readily available to help with general usage inquiries, troubleshooting and escalations.

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