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Access leading RTB exchanges and publishers, and reach 450+ billion impressions per month, all with the efficiency of programmatic buying.

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DX3 provides a unified marketplace to buy video in any format across devices. Access massive real time reach through the industry leading marketplaces for video or tap into our display partners for in banner and expandable inventory. Layer on data, surveys or verification to optimize brand performance in real time.Video gives you sight, sound and motion to create consumer experiences that build strong emotional commitments. The DataXu platform provides a unified marketplace to buy video in all formats, for all devices. Expand your reach through industry-leading marketplaces, bringing you 20 billion RTB impressions per month – and growing every day.

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Take your brand to your customers – wherever they go. From smartphones to tablets, Dataxu gives you access to the leading RTB mobile exchanges, offering over 45 billion monthly impressions across all devices.

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3rd Party Data

Leverage our data partners for precision targeting in your display, video and mobile campaigns. Or use your own CRM data for a tailored messaging approach.

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Privacy Compliance

Privacy compliance and brand safe advertising are top priorities for DataXu. DataXu’s partners make it easy to comply with privacy law and self-regulatory “Ad Choices” programs across North America and Europe.

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Ad Verification

Transparency and accountability are crucial to successful digital marketing. Through our verification partners, DataXu attests the correct placement and display of every single impression of a verified online advertising campaign.

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Rich Media

Rich media can go beyond traditional CPA and CPR campaigns; DataXu customers have used our partners to drive awareness, brand engagement, video views, downloads, “shares” and “likes.” Access 35 billion expandable ad impressions per month with our rich media partners.

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Survey Vendors

Measuring digital online brand advertising effectiveness is a challenge. Using our network of partners, you can leverage brand-centric metrics, including awareness, favorability, message recall and purchase intent, to optimize your brand campaigns.

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