Now comes the hour of Chief Marketing Technologist

[German] Creativity alone is no longer sufficient in marketing. This is shown in an international study by marketing and analytics platform DataXu. Anyone who wants to make a career in German marketing today must be familiar with these technologies.

It is still a long way for Programmatic TV in Germany

[German] Programmatic TV, IPTV and Smart TV are currently among the most important keywords in the industry. There are still many questions about programmatic TV, but one thing is for sure: in the next 2-3 years, the way in which TV commercials are bought and sold will fundamentally change.

DataXu Commits to Australia and New Zealand with Expanded In-Region Team

DataXu, a leading provider of programmatic marketing software, today announced growth plans in the Australia & New Zealand region with the appointment of Michael Scaramozzino as Sales Manager, ANZ and Fay Koo as Solution Architect, APAC. DataXu’s continued investment of resources in ANZ will provide further support to its growing portfolio of clients.

CAA Signs on for Take Tuesday Voter Campaign, Sets Later Working Hours on Election Day

Hollywood is readying for Election Day on Nov. 8 - and that means making sure industry staffers are able to get to and from polling places. The Hollywood Reporter surveyed every major film studio and talent agency for specifics about what measures are being made to allow wannabe voters the chance to cast their ballots, and while not all are bending hours or pushing back Tuesday's workday, some are.

Creating diversity in the innovation economy

Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are accustomed to responding to adversity by taking action. Thus, while many in the country — of all political persuasions — are still stunned over the presidential election results, leaders in our innovation sector are already making plans to answer the poignant question on everyone’s mind: “Where do we go from here?”

DataXu furthers investment in Australia and New Zealand markets, substantial regional teams

[Chinese] Leading marketing programs and analysis software provider DataXu Australia and New Zealand today announced a regional development plan for the appointment of Michael Scaramozzino ANZ regional sales manager, Fay Koo Asia Pacific Solution Architect. DataXu persistent resource investment in Australia and New Zealand region will provide further support for its growing customer base.

Real-Time Media Buying is Just the Tip of the Programmatic Iceberg

Programmatic advertising is still not used to its full potential. In this piece, Chris Le May, SVP and MD Europe and emerging markets, DataXu, specifically addresses marketers and explains how they can make the most of their programmatic spend by breaking down silos and using advanced attribution models to create meaningful data and make informed decisions.