Programmatic TV Is Going To Change Advertising

The first wave of disruption in the TV industry has already happened, simply look at Netflix and Amazon. A second wave of disruption is now upon us in the form of programmatic TV--and this time, it’s going to change advertising.

How Programmatic Can Empower the Squeezed Middle

ExchangeWire spoke with Chris Le May, Managing Director of EMEA and Emerging Markets, DataXu, who explains how mid-sized agencies are reinventing themselves with programmatic at their core.

The 2015 Advertising Fraud Report From DataXu

DataXu, a provider of programmatic marketing software, released a full year of data around its 97% Fraud-Free Guarantee in the first installment of its Programmatic Quality Report Series, The 2015 Advertising Fraud Report. The company analyzed all campaigns run through its platform, revealing that DataXu successfully limited fraud to an average rate of just 2.85% in 2015, compared with average industry rates of up to 30% on open exchanges, 17% on networks and 7% on publisher direct buys.