Analytics teams eye machine learning use cases to boost business

Technologies that support machine learning and other types of artificial intelligence applications are evolving and gaining more and more users, but many businesses have only just begun to scratch the surface of possible machine learning use cases.

Header Bidding Unleashed A Huge Infrastructure Problem And Ad Tech Will Either Sink Or Swim

As header bidding grows, ad exchanges are sending more ad impressions per second and DSPs must evaluate more impressions than ever. The massive uptick in volume, which far outpaces programmatic revenue growth, is straining ad tech infrastructure...DataXu, for example, normally sees 40% annual increases in queries, but it experienced a 100% increase in 2016, which it attributed to header bidding.

Podcast: Oracle-Moat Deal Is A Walled Garden Power Play

When the news dropped that Oracle would acquire Moat, DataXu CEO Mike Baker's first thought was not that Oracle had made a big move in measurement, but that it had bought a piece of the walled garden action.

Sling TV Touts Rise in Programmatic Ad Sales

Sling TV, Dish Network’s OTT TV service, said it saw a sharp rise in programmatic ad sales during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament amid a partnership with supply-side platform Tremor Video.

DataXu Hopes To Ride The Self-Serve Wave

Demand-side platforms are getting snapped up left and right. But DataXu, one of the remaining indies, is planning to stay that way. And it’s hitching its wagon to the in-housing trend. “There’s a lot of interest in having greater transparency and control over programmatic technology,” said Mike Baker, CEO and co-founder of DataXu, which released a new, more simplified user interface to improve customer workflow on Wednesday.

Traffic Arbitrage Is Out Of Control

The ad tech ecosystem is diluted with a massively inflated pool of low-quality impressions from bogus sites with little to no proprietary content or services, By DataXu's Ken Van Every.

Blast from the past: Pop-unders are back in vogue for ads

Sources also likened the practice to whack-a-mole since new fraudsters continually pop up regardless of how many have already been blocked. Ken Van Every, senior business development manager at demand-side platform provider DataXu, said that his company has blocked thousands of these sites as pop-unders evolve to circumvent advances in fraud detection.

Local Ad Industry leaders voice out on global issues

The Malaysian Advertiser’s Association (MAA) will be organizing a MAA Marketer Forum by James Sampson (pictured), VP & GM of DataXu on Friday, 24 February 2017 from 8.30am - 12.00pm at the Talent Lounge, Damansara Perdana. The forum topic is “Under the Hood of Programmatic & Embarking on Your Programmatic Journey”.

The Science of B2B Marketing from Top Boston CMOs

t got me thinking about how to share what I know with other marketers to help them excel in their careers. I set off to talk to a handful of the top B2B CMOs in Boston. I wanted to get their advice, tips and tricks that they’ve learned the hard way so that I could share them with all of you.

Are chief marketing technologists key to customer-centricity?

“Unlike a traditional CMO role, the CMT role bridges the knowledge gap between marketing and technology by offering expertise in both disciplines,” says Chris Le May, DataXu SVP and managing director of Europe & Emerging Markets.