Digital transformation: what the hell does it really mean? Dataxu explains

There has been a dramatic change across various industries, with the common denominator being digital transformation. Advancements in technology means that many companies need to catch up, while other are already playing the field almost like a rookie. Where do you start when developing improvements that your clients, customers and employees will appreciate. Dataxu’s vice president, Mike Shaw sees the start of the thread with data. He says it enables you to form a better understanding of marketers and the client’s target audiences.

How Connected TV Will Move the Ad Industry

The advent of connected TV (television programming delivered via over-the-top devices) has sent shockwaves through the television industry and the lives of consumers.

Why the future of advertising depends on a cross-industry alliance

Imagine a world in which marketing professionals are asked to deliver increased return on ad spend (ROAS) on a daily basis in the face of inaccurate performance metrics, questionable viewability, increasingly elusive consumers, fragmented data silos, skyrocketing media costs, and little-to-no industry bargaining power. Sounds pretty bleak, right?

Is it time to rethink TV?

As TV viewing is evolving we mustn't overlook the fact that this once all-powerful branding medium continues to have a bulletproof armoury in the guise of connected, addressable and programmatic TV options for advertisers, writes Mike Shaw, VP, EMEA, dataxu.

With The Ad Industry In Flux, Will Independent Agencies Be The Ones To Thrive?

When it comes to digital transformation, consumers are the first movers — from our rapid adoption of mobile devices and wearables to the steady rise of in-home voice assistants and streaming TV. Brands, in turn, are now making major investments to cater to the new digital customer experience. And today, that means harnessing the tremendous power of data and analytics to build transparent relationships with consumers. But where are the agencies in their own digital transformation?

TV is the last frontier in digital advertising

Back at the start of this year, Marc Pritchard, chief brand officer at the world’s biggest advertiser, Procter & Gamble, sent shockwaves through the advertising industry by launching something of a revolt against internet ad giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Ad Budgets Grow For OTT

The portion of digital advertising budgets for over-the-top (OTT) platforms is growing. Overall ad budgets spent with OTT inventory owners increased to over 26% of total digital video channel spend for October 2017 -- up from 8% in October 2016, according to digital video ad tech company SpotX.

Over-The-Top Video Ad Spending Jumped in 2017

Global spending on advertising on over-the-top video is growing explosively, according to video platform SpotX. Advertiser spending on OTT inventory grew 18 times year over year in October.

Mission Accomplished? dataxu Aims to Solve TV Attribution

This week, dataxu — a leading software provider for marketing professionals — announced an attribution solution for over-the-top (OTT) TV devices, including the results of several customer case studies proving the power of TV attribution.

Programmatic TV in 2018: The next big thing in AdTech?

Television advertising is big business. How big? Global TV advertising in 2017 is projected to reach almost $182 billion. Traditionally, a significant chunk of this amount is spent during upfronts – that time of the year when TV networks gather to present their upcoming fall series and pitch marketers for ad dollars. Whatever inventory isn’t sold, or is held back, is then off loaded in what’s called the scatter market.