A perfect match: How agencies can secure long-term client relationships

One thing that this hot British summer has shown us is the pull that successful partnerships have on our society. The big – and literal - winners of Love Island (the finale was watched by a record 4.1m viewers) were faithful Dani & Jack, who’d been a couple since the beginning of the 8-week run.

Even more prominently, Harry and Meghan’s nuptials inside St. George’s chapel pulled 18 million Brits in front of the TV. The UK is clearly feeling ready for commitment. Long-term relationships aren’t only for royals and happy couples. Companies are also benefitting from commitment – established relationships between equal partners can bring stability, efficiency and long-term success to all those involved. And the media industry is no different, with brands and agencies looking to find the yin to their yang.

A Private Marketplace For Connected TV Advertising

An over-the-top (OTT) advertising platform which combines preferred access to Hearst-owned programming, with delivery partners such as Roku, has just come to fruition.

Recognizing the demand in the OTT marketplace for consistently premium content and transparency, Hearst Anyscreen is designed to enable brands to tap into the growth of Connected TV viewing.

Check Out This ‘Unified Planning and Buying Solution’

A provider of programmatic marketing software for marketing and media professionals has unveiled what it is promoting as “a unified planning and buying solution for agencies and brands investing across linear, connected and addressable TV.”

Introducing TotalTV from dataxu, which includes a unified planner for TV that creates efficient buying plans designed to reach de-duplicated strategic audiences among more than 120 million households, whether viewers are watching linear TV or streaming through any OTT device.

Hearst Launches its Own Addressable Marketplace: Hearst Anyscreen

Expect to hear a lot about addressable advertising over the next year. The latest player to offer targeting on the living room TV is Hearst Television, which today launched Hearst Anyscreen. By tapping into this private marketplace advertisers can reach Hearst viewers on a variety of connected devices including Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, DirecTV Now, Google Chromecast, Sling TV, Sony Crackle, PlayStation Vue, Xbox, and a handful of other connected TV operating systems.

Hearst Releases New Marketplace for Connected TV Advertising

Hearst Television Inc. is launching an over-the-top (OTT) advertising marketplace. The marketplace includes programming owned by the company and in partnership with companies already affiliated with Hearst, such as Roku.

Data from DataXu will offer audience insights.

“Today’s advertisers want the quality and scale of TV with the 1:1 reach and analytics of digital media. That’s what we’ve collaborated to deliver through Hearst Anyscreen,” said Mike Baker, co-founder and CEO, dataxu, in a statement.

Dataxu Launches Unified Buying Solution For Linear, Connected And Addressable TV

The advertising technology firm Dataxu has launched a unified planning and buying solution for marketers called TotalTV For Advertisers.

It’s called TotalTV because it brings together linear TV, connected TV and addressable TV into one platform.

The company claims that TotalTV can “reach de-duplicated strategic audiences among more than 120 million households.”

Dataxu Releases TotalTV for Advertisers, for Multi-Screen Reach

Markers can reach all the digital screens they need in one shot. That’s the promise of TotalTV for Advertisers, a unified planning tool announced today by marketing software provider dataxu. The solution combines linear, connected, and addressable TV. Reaching a network of 120 million households, it lets marketers enhance their campaigns by serving video a deduplicated pool of online video viewers.

dataXu Launches Planner for Linear, Connected, Addressable

Media and marketing software company dataxu introduced Total TV for Advertisers, which enables agencies and brand to create efficient buying plans across linear, connected and addressable TV.

Total TV for Advertisers helps campaigns reach audiences that are de-duplicated, whether viewers are watching linear TV or streaming programming.

Interview with Mike Baker, President and CEO, dataxu

Tell us about your role and journey into technology. What galvanized you to be a part of dataxu?

I’ve been lucky to have a number of successful marketing tech positions over the course of my career, including at CMGI (Internet investment company), Engage Technologies (data profiling), Enpocket (mobile marketing), Nexage (mobile programmatic) and now dataxu. I met my co-founders when they were pitching for angel capital; I liked the fact that they came out of the labs at MIT as trained scientists, and thought that it would be cool to bring real data science to marketing. I invested money and, more importantly, my time!

dataxu’s Catanzaro On TV, Cross-Platform Targeting And ‘Invisible’ Technology

With television advertising targeting slowly catching up to that of digital media, “We think the revolution is just starting,” says Sandro Catanzaro, dataxu’s Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder.

What started with “very humble web ads” about a decade ago has progressed to the point where “where we can show ads on TV that are fully addressed, and one by one, and you can sequence the story,” Catanzaro says in this interview with Beet.TV. “And you can link those exposures to consumer conversions.

dataxu, Sorenson Integration Reduces Addressable TV Speed Barriers

An integration between dataxu and Sorensen Media is designed to reduce the time needed to activate and measure addressable television campaigns so that addressable starts to mimic the speed at which over-the-top TV has taken root. “This is going to be an explosion, a dramatic change in the market,” says Sandro Catanzaro, dataxu’s Chief Innovation Officer & Co-Founder.

Using Advanced Tech In Advanced Television: Q&A With DataXu’s Catanzaro

Sandro Catanzaro, founder and Chief Innovation Officer of DataXu, describes himself as a serial entrepreneur. He was one of the co-inventers of Dataxu’s real-time optimization algorithm, based on research he did at MIT. Here’s an overview of his company, the world of advanced and addressable television and the data work being done in the industry.

The Growing Role Of AI in B2B Marketing

Already, the AI ecosystem has grown crowded, especially as it relates to managing programmatic spend. Via its Open AI for Ads platform, dataxu partners with Oracle and PlacedIQ to dynamically inform bidding models and add scale and efficiency to first-party data by layering real-time optimization onto prospecting line items.

Read more here.

AppNexus/AT&T: Duopoly- buster, another walled garden, or both?

The acquisition of AppNexus by ATT will either reduce dependence on the Facebook Google duopoly and or create in effect a triply, according to various APAC industry insiders.

Jame Sampson, APAC VP & GM at dataxu, weighs in. "While AppNexus provides AT&T with some missing plumbing required to build its advertising business upon, AT&T still needs to tie together all of their siloed consumer data for planning, media-execution and analytics purposes."

Ad Tech Execs and App Marketers Don’t Think Apple Can Sell Ads Without Data Collection

As Apple reportedly weighs another ad network bid, some industry figures are skeptical of the company’s chances.

Mike Baker, CEO at dataxu states, "When you operate a robust advertising business you almost by definition have to cede a little bit of control over the user experience." Hear more of what Mike Baker has to say in this Adweek article.