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Our TouchPoint™ demand-side platform provides everything you need to store data, augment audience segments and message to consumers.

Audience-Based Buying

Target and engage your audience with TouchPoint™, the industry’s most advanced DSP.

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It’s your choice how you want to work with us:

Self-Serve Programmatic

Drive your business forward, rather than waiting for change to overtake you. Bring programmatic ad buying capabilities into your office with a license to operate TouchPoint™.

Gain control and flexibility, demonstrate programmatic marketing expertise, and grow your business with self-run campaigns and customizable reports.

Managed Services

Get all the benefits of TouchPoint™, without spending hours pulling the levers yourself. Our team is an extension of your team.

We work with agencies of record as a trusted partner to deliver strong IO performance and white-glove customer service.

Global Reach & Enterprise Scale

Did you know we have fourteen offices around the world and inventory access to over 3 trillion global ad impressions? Use TouchPoint™ to plan and place media buys through the world’s leading open and private advertising exchanges.

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Connected TV

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Addressable TV

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Digital Video

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NEW: Advanced TV

Effortlessly deliver high-impact television experiences and extend audience reach.

  • Connected TV: Activate audience data to target households on Smart TV and OTT devices.
  • Addressable TV: Pair first-party data with TouchPoint’s™ robust lookalike models for 1:1 household targeting on TV at scale in a privacy-compliant manner.
  • Linear TV: Improve targeting and planning for traditional TV by applying digital data and viewership trends.

With OneView™ identity & data management platform from dataxu, engage custom audiences on TV campaigns to effectively control frequency, maximize incremental reach, drive audience brand engagement and orchestrate your client’s customer journey across channels. Our platform uses real-world offline Acxiom data to enhance lookalike models and deliver even better results.

Learn how BSSP and their client used dataxu to drive 30%+ lift

Always-On Optimization

Optimization capabilities so powerful they rank #1 in the industry.

TouchPoint™ deploys machine learning to optimize in real time, all the time, automatically adjusting to give you ever-better insights, strategies, and results. In all that we do, we try to continually push the boundaries of what marketing technology can accomplish for you and for your business. “Continually better” isn’t just about any one campaign. It’s how we think.

Improve Campaign Performance 24/7

TouchPoint™ improves campaigns automatically, under your expert oversight. Our platform learns based on what’s working and what’s not, and shifts tactics and budgets to achieve the best results.

Algorithm Marketplace

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Pick and choose from pre-existing algorithms to help campaigns achieve specific impression-level goals.

Automatic Cruise Control

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Sit back and relax. Cruise Control provides daily optimizations based on key goals selected during campaign setup.

In 2011 and again in 2015, Forrester labeled TouchPoint™ as the leading provider of Algorithmic Decisioning (using data science to make efficient media buying decisions).

Real-Time Reporting

Clear, consistent, customizable reporting for you and your clients.

Report Builder is a flexible, on-demand campaign-level analytics tool within TouchPoint™ that streamlines reporting, provides personalization and enables collaboration. Gain easy access to the insights you need to confidently plan, optimize and drive your company (and career) forward.

Unify, Customize & Share Reports

Unified Marketing
Data at Last

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Easily integrate multiple marketing platforms and data sheets within TouchPoint™ so that everything is accessible in one place.


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Create personalized reporting dashboards with easy-to-use drag and drop configurations and visualizations. No more weekend Excel wrangling required.

Deep Customer

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TouchPoint’s™ deep customer insights help you walk your clients through who their best customers are, and which campaigns are excelling.

Quality & Security

Guaranteed fraud protection and third-party verification.

Marketing professionals everywhere are becoming increasingly frustrated by siloed data
and fraudulent metrics. Consider dataxu to be an independent referee
that comes backed by a Fraud Free Guarantee.

Our Fraud-Free Guarantee

Fraud is a big problem for agencies, advertisers and everyone in between.

dataxu partners with DoubleVerify, a best-in-class anti-fraud company, to ensure that customer media dollars are being spent on real people and high-quality inventory. We do not engage in arbitrage, meaning budget is going towards quality media and not our own bottom line.

We guarantee a 97% fraud-free investment

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If one of our customers experience a fraud rate greater than 3%, we will:

1. Refund 100% of the TouchPoint™ fees associated with the 3% fraudulent media.

2. Refund 100% of all amounts recovered from the suppliers of that media.

Third-Party Quality Controls

Third-Party Verification and
Brand Safety

Use TouchPoint’s™ built-in quality safeguards to verify site and inventory quality before bidding. We do not own any inventory, making us truly media agnostic.

Apply four different safety levels to campaigns to blacklist inappropriate sites, whitelist approved sites, and verify media quality through our trusted partners.

Pre-Bid Viewability

Set required ad viewability levels within the platform before spending a cent.

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