Help your client become data-driven.

We are fully invested in your success. And we’re here to help you transform your clients’ business through 3rd-party verified measurement and analytics solutions you can trust.

Audience insights

Build a more complete picture of your client’s customers and their path to purchase.

Locate your client’s best customers and discover the most compelling way to engage those individuals based on their unique behaviors and lifestyle.

Get a deeper look with ClearSight™

Our ClearSight™ advanced analytics and data visualization platform delivers detailed customer intelligence designed to help you engage your client’s prospects and customers through multivariate customer profiling. 

Customer Insights capabilities indicate which audience segments are most likely to perform a specific action or conversion.

DataXu Icon - Location and Geo Data

Geographic consumer location

DataXu Icon - User Interactions Across Devices

Previous brand interactions

DataXu Icon - People and consumers

Consumer demographics

DataXu icon - Consumer Purchase Behavior

Purchase intent behavior

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Download our new guidebook to learn how you can make even better use of 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party data in your marketing campaigns.

“It’s a huge benefit for us to now be able to buy from relevant sites and inventory using our own 1st-party data as the basis for the decisioning.”

– Media Strategist, Schneider Electric

Advanced analytics

An innovative, integrated dashboard for all your marketing activities.

Consider our Advanced Analytics platform your personal marketing dashboard, where you can efficiently access all data, vendors, creatives and performance.

Identify optimal ad frequency

By monitoring which sequence, frequency, and media types resonate the most with individual customer segments, you are able to gain a better understanding of the roles of specific channels within your sales funnel.

Not all tactics produce the same number of conversions. Our Advanced Analytics platform shows you precisely how many impressions need to be served across tactics, such as retargeting or prospecting, to maximize efficiency and total conversions.

Validate marketing budgets

Use analytics to gain a newfound understanding of how each marketing channel is performing. Gain the confidence to cut out channels not driving sales and provide strategic guidance to clients on what is. Get ready to efficiently track and measure the effects of macro factors such as messaging, pricing, channels and promotions on sales.

DataXu Icon Upward Trend Graph

Define investment levels necessary for achieving specific sales outcomes, avoiding guesswork and uncertainty.

DataXu Icon Real Time Stopwatch

Access results directly through the platform, providing real-time recommendations for strong competitive advantage.

DataXu Icon Health

Measure the overall health of a client’s marketing strategy.

Market Pulse

Reveal your client’s ideal mix of marketing investments to maximize sales.

At dataxu, we strongly believe that decisions about where to invest media dollars, and what to invest them in, should be driven by data, not guesswork or historical spend. We believe in “test & learn” methodology.

Benchmark marketing plans

In order for a client to improve, they need to know how they are performing right now. Market Pulse helps marketing professionals understand how media channels are performing within an existing media plan. Understand which messages, promotions and regions drive new sales and which help customer retention.

One of dataxu’s customers discovered the following using Market Pulse:


Which channels are the primary
drivers of current sales?

DataXu Icon Display Laptop


DataXu Icon Social



Which channels can deliver
incremental sales?

DataXu Icon Mobile


DataXu Icon Addressable TV



Which channels primarily
maintain brand awareness?

print or newspaper or magazine


Radio Icon


Stop over-investing budget

Market Pulse delivers clarity around which channels, regions and messages are driving sales, incremental sales and brand awareness, but also reveals which channels are at capacity, under capacity, or oversaturated.

Use Market Pulse to make budgets go further by cutting budget from channels where additional spend fails to drive sales and reinvesting it where it has a positive impact on business goals.

REDUCE oversaturated channel budgets

INCREASE under capacity channel budgets

MAINTAIN at capacity channel budgets

analytics dashboard

Optimize the mix for maximum revenue

ClearSight™ is able to reveal the right level of investment by channel and message to maximize future sales. Use the Market Pulse solution to test multiple investment possibilities and compare them with sales outcomes to identify the combination of media investments that will drive maximum lift for your client.

Our ClearSight™ software enables marketing professionals, for the first time in history, to scientifically understand marketing’s effectiveness.

DataXu Icon - Generate Revenue

Use a scientific approach to testing budget combinations to reveal the causal effect of each media channel on sales.

DataXu Icon - Budget Allocation

Make advertising dollars go further. Optimize your client’s media mix to reduce waste and maximize incremental sales.

DataXu Icon - Revenue Funnel

Use advertising dollars saved through increased efficiency on other business priorities.

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