The challenge

Lexus’ agency, Team One, wanted to understand the best way to invest across the 110 markets in which Lexus has a presence. This question touched both New Car and Certified Pre-Owned spend across each of these markets, effectively doubling the scale of Team One’s challenge.

The solution

Team One and software provider dataxu devised a unique strategy to solve Lexus’ unique challenge.

Using proprietary Market Pulse software, dataxu created investment “pulses” in 12 markets that are representative of the 110 where Lexus has a presence. The data derived from the experiment was used to create a response model for each investment levels providing unprecedented insight into how different markets react to Lexus’ marketing messaging.

Based on this deep-dive analysis, Team One was able to extract a set of investment recommendations for each of the 12 markets to drive media efficiency and over-deliver on regional campaign goals.

The results

  • As a result of restructuring its regional marketing investments and success metrics based on data science and analytics, Lexus experienced 63% better conversion volume.
  • Within weeks of implementing the new investment allocations, Lexus experienced 28% global KPI improvement.