Labelium’s challenge

Labelium wanted to generate high levels of engagement at a low cost-per-view (COV) to expand its reach across French internet users. Labelium also wanted to increase its video completion rate.

The solution

By identifying Labelium’s ideal audience through data science and analytics, dataxu® was able to create a strategy for the company which optimized the impact of every view it served up to prospective customers.

The optimal model was created by answering two key questions:

  1. Do some creatives work better in certain regions?
  2. How does performance vary over the course of a week?

The results

  • dataxu’s TouchPoint™ platform delivered more than 3 million video impressions during a four week period.
  • TouchPoint™ was able to reduce Labelium’s CPM rate by 33% compared to the performance Labelium had previously experienced with other programmatic partners.