Analyst Report | 09/2019

    The Forrester New Wave™

    Learn what made dataxu score highest for current offering. Download the full report: The Forrester New Wave™: Cross-Channel Video Advertising Platforms, Q3 2019. [...]

    White Paper | 04/2019

    The Future of Advertising

    datatxu was recently featured in the Times UK annual report, The Future of Advertising. Download your very own copy to learn how brands and agencies are evolving in the face of modern-day advertising. [...]

    Video | 02/2019

    Why data activation is table stakes in 2019

    Many businesses have been collecting valuable customer data for a number of years now. But many are still not managing to break down the silos between data [...]

    Video | 10/2018

    Connected TV Advertising—Almost Ready for Primetime

    dataxu's Co-Founder, CEO and President, Mike Baker, discusses Connected TV Advertising trends and new market dynamics with eMarketer [...]

    Best Practice | 10/2018

    How to power your seasonal campaigns with AI

    The busiest spending season in Europe is fast approaching – make sure your campaigns are as successful as possible with the power of AI. [...]

    White Paper | 09/2018

    Understanding Today's Cross-Device Consumer

    The ability to accurately target and track consumers across devices has become 2018’s top make-or-break marketing competency. Click below to download. [...]

    Best Practice | 08/2018

    Taking the pain out of the DSP selection process

    Finding the right technology partner can be a daunting task.To help consultants, agencies and brands streamline the long decision-making process, we’ve outlined some [...]

    White Paper | 04/2018

    ANA Article | DWA's Sarah Wilson on Using Advanced TV

    Download this article and discover how to use digital audience data and cutting-edge technology to transform your 2018 television buys. [...]

    Video | 03/2018

    Video: 4 key Advanced TV use cases

    Watch this short video to learn about four common use cases of Advanced TV that will help you transform your client's media buys. [...]

    White Paper | 03/2018

    The ultimate GDPR programmatic playbook

    Check out this playbook for tangible advice on how GDPR may affect your marketing mix and how to best prepare to transform your data strategy in a post-GDPR world. [...]

    Best Practice | 03/2018

    Infographic: Unpack the potential of Advanced TV

    Download this short, easy-to-understand infographic to discover how you can unpack the potential of Advanced TV for your clients. [...]

    White Paper | 12/2017

    Advanced TV: Transform your TV buying

    Check out this e-book to discover how you can make the most of Advanced TV to transform your client’s media strategy in 2018 and beyond. [...]

    White Paper | 10/2017

    ANA Magazine | dataxu Feature: Data-driven digital transformation

    Download this article to learn how to better leverage 1st-party data and technology to achieve your key business goals. [...]

    Webinar | 08/2017

    Data Activation in a Cross Device World

    Any modern marketer knows that a successful marketing strategy can no longer be siloed. In order to target the individual consumer throughout their buying journey [...]

    Webinar | 08/2017

    3,2,1 Action! Getting Ready for Programmatic TV

    Programmatic TV has grown exponentially in the US in the last year, and Europe is set to follow closely behind. [...]

    White Paper | 08/2017

    Turning Data Into Action | Data Management & Activation Guidebook

    Download this guide to learn how to make even better use of 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party data in marketing campaigns and strategies. [...]

    Webinar | 08/2017

    The marketer's guide to GDPR

    Learn about the key legal changes of GDPR that will affect marketing professionals & how to build a framework for compliance. [...]

    White Paper | 06/2017

    Programmatic Partnership Models: 2017 Marketer's Guidebook

    This white paper walks marketers through four possible models of programmatic partnership to enable joint success. [...]

    Video | 06/2017

    Marketing Measurement & Attribution | Video

    dataxu's Co-Founder and CIO, Sandro Catanzaro, discusses marketing measurement and attribution with Forrester Senior Analyst, Tina Moffett. [...]

    Webinar | 06/2017

    Is 2017 The Year Of OTT?

    Learn about the trends and best practices for marketers looking to take advantage of the opportunities provided by emerging OTT formats in dataxu's latest webinar. [...]

    Webinar | 06/2017

    Deploying Machine Learning Techniques at Petabyte-Scale

    In this webinar, learn how dataxu maintains agility while taking a product from the initial R&D phase to full production. [...]

    Webinar | 06/2017

    Data Activation: The Key To Cross-Device Marketing

    dataxu's latest webinar takes a deep dive into data to help marketers learn how to activate their 1st and 3rd-party data like a pro. [...]

    Analyst Report | 05/2017

    The Forrester Wave™: Omnichannel Demand-Side Platforms, Q2 2017

    In 2017, discover why dataxu's TouchPoint™ DSP is recognized as a Leader with the highest score in Platform Capabilities. [...]

    White Paper | 05/2017

    2017 Marketer’s Guidebook: Driving ROI Through Hyperlocal Marketing

    This white paper will help you master hyperlocal marketing with the five key factors to consider for successful implementation. [...]

    Analyst Report | 03/2017

    2017 DSP Software Usability Report from Validately

    Third-party UX research firm Validately released a Q1 2017 usability study that ranked dataxu as the leader out of five widely used DSPs. [...]

    Video | 03/2017

    PTV Case Study: Columbia Sportswear

    Columbia Sportswear and agency BSSP present a Programmatic TV Case Study run with dataxu onstage at GABBCON NYC in February 2017. [...]

    Video |

    The Value of Programmatic TV, According To Columbia Sportswear

    dataxu customers BSSP and Columbia Sportswear discuss the success they have experienced through programmatic TV. [...]

    White Paper | 12/2016

    2017 Marketer’s Guidebook: How To Build A Programmatic Organization

    This white paper provides a five step framework to help marketers win acceptance of programmatic methodologies within their org. [...]

    Video | 12/2016

    Beet.TV Exclusive: The Graph of Graphs for TV Targeting

    dataxu’s VP of TV Solutions Tore Tellefsen speaks with Beet.TV about Connected TV and its next-gen use of data. [...]

    Webinar | 11/2016

    MMA + dataxu Webinar | Top 3 Tips to Nail Native Advertising

    In this webinar learn about understanding & implementing native advertising in your marketing mix. [...]

    Webinar | 11/2016

    Debunking The Myth of Programmatic TV: A #NoFilter Close-Up

    In this webinar, discover the benefits and opportunities the 3 types of programmatic TV offer to advertisers. [...]

    Video | 09/2016

    Learn How OneView's Cross-Device Capabilities Work

    OneView helps marketers and their agencies identify, understand and engage with high-value consumers across all devices. To learn more, click below. [...]

    Webinar | 09/2016

    Webinar Replay: 5 Tips for Demystifying Viewability

    Confusion abounds around the definition of viewability and how best to measure it. This webinar answers common FAQs about this hot topic. [...]

    Video | 09/2016

    Cannes Lions 2016: The Future of Programmatic TV w/ Hershey's, SKY, Comcast

    At the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2016, dataxu hosted a panel on the future of programmatic television. [...]

    Video | 08/2016

    Beet.TV Exclusive: The Three Flavors of Programmatic TV

    Beet.TV interviews dataxu Co-Founder Sandro Catanzaro on three flavors of PTV: Addressable TV, Connected TV and Programmatic Linear TV. [...]

    White Paper | 08/2016

    2016 Programmatic Quality Series: Understanding Viewability

    Learn why 71% of brand marketers are concerned about viewability, and how pre-bid viewability solutions can help. [...]

    Best Practice | 07/2016

    The Master Playbook For Marketing Strategy

    Discover 5 data-centered strategies that will help marketers drive new wins and maximize returns on investments. [...]

    Webinar | 07/2016

    MMA + dataxu Webinar: Three Tips to Make Mobile Marketing Better Through Data Science

    Learn how to make mobile marketing more effective through the use of data and technology. [...]

    Webinar | 06/2016

    ANA + dataxu Webinar: Modern Marketing Mixes In a Programmatic World

    Learn about 3 dramatic shifts in today’s television world and how marketers can set their media plans up for success. [...]

    Webinar | 06/2016

    Forrester + dataxu Webinar: ROI Measurement in a World of Walled Gardens

    Learn how to use experimental design and pulse testing to measure ROI in today's world of walled gardens. [...]

    White Paper | 06/2016

    dataxu Issue Briefing: Transparency and the K2 ANA Report

    This white paper outlines dataxu’s commitment to transparency and highlights four key areas advertisers and agencies should look for. [...]

    White Paper | 05/2016

    Evolution of the Agency: Powering Forward With Programmatic

    Are you an independent agency? Learn why many of your peers have begun bringing programmatic in-house in our latest white paper. [...]

    White Paper | 04/2016

    ANA Magazine | April 2016 - dataxu Feature: Double Down on Data

    Read dataxu's article in ANA's April Magazine to discover how data & analytics drive return on marketing investments. [...]

    Video | 01/2016

    Media Activation & Demand Side Platform

    In Forrester’s Q2 2015 DSP Wave Report, dataxu was identified as the strongest “Total Advertising Solution” in the industry. [...]

    Video | 12/2015

    OneView | Omnichannel Data Management Capabilities

    dataxu’s global data management capabilities help marketers identify, understand and engage with high-value consumers. [...]

    White Paper | 12/2015

    The Rapid Rise Of Programmatic Television | What PTV Means For Advertisers In 2016

    The way in which viewers think about and consume television content has shifted dramatically. [...]

    Video | 11/2015

    dataxu Customer Summit 2015 | New York City

    dataxu held its inaugural dataxu Customer Summit on November 4-5, 2015. Click to view highlights. [...]

    Analyst Report | 07/2015

    Marketing in the Programmatic Age in the Words of the Marketers

    During Q3 and Q4 of 2014, dataxu sponsored a series of six roundtable events across the US – Marketing in [...]

    White Paper | 07/2015

    How Data and Technology are Driving the Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

    The role of Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT) is gaining greater importance in organisations,... [...]

    Analyst Report | 06/2015

    The Forrester Wave™: Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) Q2 2015

    What does it take to be named a leader in Demand-Side software platform with the highest scores as the “strongest current offering” [...]

    Webinar | 04/2015

    Deconstructing Ad Fraud, EU Webinar

    Watch Deconstructing Ad Fraud for Marketers from Europe, and learn about bots, viewability & our Fraud-Free Guarantee. [...]

    Webinar | 04/2015

    Deconstructing Ad Fraud: Insights, Impact and Best Practices for Marketers

    Watch Deconstructing Ad Fraud for Marketers, and learn about bots, viewability & our Fraud-Free Guarantee. [...]

    Webinar | 04/2015

    Fighting Fraud with Forrester

    Fraud is a tough and growing problem, but there is a path forward. If there’s one thing you take from today’s webinar, it’s that there is cause for optimism. [...]

    Best Practice | 02/2015

    How to Score a Perfect 10 With Programmatic Marketing

    With spend on programmatic marketing set to rise in the year ahead, advertisers need to think [...]

    Analyst Report | 12/2014

    AdAge: Programmatic Goes Global

    Marketers around the world are employing programmatic strategies and tools to deliver [...]

    Best Practice | 07/2014

    Programmatic In-House Best Practices Guide

    Programmatic marketing platforms offer the promise of new customer insight, better scale and [...]

    Webinar | 05/2014

    Webinar Replay: Programmatic Marketing in the Age of the Customer

    Join Jim Nail, principal analyst at Forrester Research, and Ed Montes, Chief Revenue Officer [...]

    Webinar | 04/2014

    Webinar Replay: Programmatic Marketing In the Age of the Customer (EU)

    On 30th April, Luca S. Paderni, VP and Research Director, Forrester Research Inc., and Sacha [...]

    Analyst Report |

    Forrester Study: Marketing Embraces its Data-Driven Future

    The commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of dataxu, interviewed [...]

    Video | 04/2014

    The Benefits of Private Exchange Video with dataxu and Liverail

    From dataxu and Liverail, learn how Private Exchanges blend efficiency, control and performance. [...]

    Webinar |

    Webinar Replay: The Importance of Transparency in Programmatic Marketing

    At dataxu we believe that brands and agencies that demand transparency around price, placement [...]

    Video | 04/2014

    BBC Horizon: Age of Big Data

    "The Age of Big Data" is Episode 11 of Season 49 of the BBC's Horizons documentary series; an excerpt from the episode that directly mentions dataxu. BBC News / BBC Horizons - © 2013 BBC [...]

    White Paper | 03/2014

    Leveraging Data for Better Brand Marketing

    This paper covers three use-cases for leveraging data to achieve specific marketing goals [...]

    Best Practice | 03/2014

    Programmatic Direct Design and Execution

    From dataxu and SpotX, learn how to get the most out of Programmatic Direct (aka Deal ID). [...]

    White Paper | 01/2014

    The Case for Retiring CTR as a Campaign Metric

    Is your colleague or boss stuck on CTR as a key performance indicator? Have them read this. [...]

    Webinar | 11/2013

    Webinar Replay: Customer-Centric Marketing (EU)

    The ever-changing digital consumer has upended advertising as we know it. The customer journey [...]

    Webinar | 10/2013

    Demystifying Private Exchange Webinar with Google

    What you will learn: What is Private Exchange? Where does it fit in the continuum from RTB [...]

    Webinar | 10/2013

    Programmatic Marketing Webinar featuring Tom Davenport

    Top brands—and savvy marketers—are discovering the competitive advantage of using programmatic [...]

    White Paper | 09/2013

    Audience Extension for Publishers

    Learn about the key considerations for launching or enhancing your publisher audience [...]

    Webinar | 09/2013

    Webinar Replay: Fuel a Customer-Centric Approach to Marketing

    The ever-changing digital consumer has upended advertising as we know it. The customer journey [...]

    Webinar | 06/2013

    Customer Intelligence Webinar

    Hear from dataxu analytics and product experts as they share perspectives on how we think [...]

    Video | 05/2013

    dataxu Algorithm Marketplace

    The customer journey isn’t one size fits all. Programmatic algorithsm shouldn’t be either. [...]

    Webinar | 04/2013

    Team One's Approach to Programmatic Marketing for Lexus

    Scott Wensman, Group Media Director for Team One, discusses their approach to Programmatic [...]

    Video | 02/2013

    Using Data & Analytics to Reinvent Marketing

    CEO Mike Baker presents best practices and case studies to the CMO Collective [...]

    Webinar | 10/2012

    dataxu for Guaranteed Media Drives Higher Returns on Premium Media Investments

    Programmatic buying has proven valuable in enabling advertisers to capitalize on [...]

    Video | 10/2012

    dataxu Customer Intelligence

    Brands with Big Data challenges need visualization tools to help find signal in the noise. [...]

    Webinar |

    Marketing in the Digital Age – Analytics Advantage webinar

    The transition to a pervasively-digital world is disruptive and confusing at times, but one [...]

    Webinar |

    Leveraging Online Data To Drive Customer Acquisition

    The cornerstone of digital marketing management (DMM) is the ability to turn online consumer [...]

    White Paper | 10/2012

    Marketing in the Digital Age – Winning with Data & Analytics

    The transition to a pervasively-digital world is disruptive and confusing at times, but one [...]