White Paper | 05/2017

    2017 Marketer’s Guidebook: Driving ROI Through Hyperlocal Marketing

    This white paper will help you master hyperlocal marketing with the five key factors to consider for successful implementation. [...]

    Analyst Report | 03/2017

    2017 DSP Software Usability Report from Validately

    Third-party UX research firm Validately released a Q1 2017 usability study that ranked DataXu as the leader out of five widely used DSPs. [...]

    Video | 03/2017

    PTV Case Study: Columbia Sportswear

    Columbia Sportswear and agency BSSP present a Programmatic TV Case Study run with DataXu onstage at GABBCON NYC in February 2017. [...]

    Video |

    The Value of Programmatic TV, According To Columbia Sportswear

    DataXu customers BSSP and Columbia Sportswear discuss the success they have experienced through programmatic TV. [...]

    White Paper | 12/2016

    2017 Marketer’s Guidebook: How To Build A Programmatic Organization

    This white paper provides a five step framework to help marketers win acceptance of programmatic methodologies within their org. [...]

    Video | 12/2016

    Beet.TV Exclusive: The Graph of Graphs for TV Targeting

    DataXu’s VP of TV Solutions Tore Tellefsen speaks with Beet.TV about Connected TV and its next-gen use of data. [...]

    Webinar | 11/2016

    MMA + DataXu Webinar | Top 3 Tips to Nail Native Advertising

    In this webinar learn about understanding & implementing native advertising in your marketing mix. [...]

    Webinar | 11/2016

    Debunking The Myth of Programmatic TV: A #NoFilter Close-Up

    In this webinar, discover the benefits and opportunities the 3 types of programmatic TV offer to advertisers. [...]

    Video | 09/2016

    Learn How OneView's Cross-Device Capabilities Work

    OneView helps marketers and their agencies identify, understand and engage with high-value consumers across all devices. To learn more, click below. [...]

    Webinar | 09/2016

    Webinar Replay: 5 Tips for Demystifying Viewability

    Confusion abounds around the definition of viewability and how best to measure it. This webinar answers common FAQs about this hot topic. [...]

    Video | 09/2016

    Cannes Lions 2016: The Future of Programmatic TV w/ Hershey's, SKY, Comcast

    At the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2016, DataXu hosted a panel on the future of programmatic television. [...]

    Video | 08/2016

    Beet.TV Exclusive: The Three Flavors of Programmatic TV

    Beet.TV interviews DataXu Co-Founder Sandro Catanzaro on three flavors of PTV: Addressable TV, Connected TV and Programmatic Linear TV. [...]

    White Paper | 08/2016

    2016 Programmatic Quality Series: Understanding Viewability

    Learn why 71% of brand marketers are concerned about viewability, and how pre-bid viewability solutions can help. [...]

    Best Practice | 07/2016

    The Master Playbook For Marketing Strategy

    Discover 5 data-centered strategies that will help marketers drive new wins and maximize returns on investments. [...]

    Webinar | 07/2016

    MMA + DataXu Webinar: Three Tips to Make Mobile Marketing Better Through Data Science

    Learn how to make mobile marketing more effective through the use of data and technology. [...]

    White Paper | 07/2016

    Modernizing the Mix: Transforming Marketing Through Technology & Analytics

    DataXu surveyed 532 global marketers to reveal how they utilize martech, adtech and analytics. [...]

    Webinar | 06/2016

    ANA + DataXu Webinar: Modern Marketing Mixes In a Programmatic World

    Learn about 3 dramatic shifts in today’s television world and how marketers can set their media plans up for success. [...]

    Webinar | 06/2016

    Forrester + DataXu Webinar: ROI Measurement in a World of Walled Gardens

    Learn how to use experimental design and pulse testing to measure ROI in today's world of walled gardens. [...]

    White Paper | 06/2016

    DataXu Issue Briefing: Transparency and the K2 ANA Report

    This white paper outlines DataXu’s commitment to transparency and highlights four key areas advertisers and agencies should look for. [...]

    White Paper | 05/2016

    Evolution of the Agency: Powering Forward With Programmatic

    Are you an independent agency? Learn why many of your peers have begun bringing programmatic in-house in our latest white paper. [...]

    White Paper | 04/2016

    ANA Magazine | April 2016 - DataXu Feature: Double Down on Data

    Read DataXu's article in ANA's April Magazine to discover how data & analytics drive return on marketing investments. [...]

    White Paper | 04/2016

    The 2015 Advertising Fraud Report | Programmatic Quality Series

    Fraud costs advertisers billions of dollars each year. This report details rates of advertising fraud observed by DataXu in 2015. [...]

    White Paper | 02/2016

    Understanding Today's Cross-Device Consumer

    The ability to accurately target and track consumers across devices has become 2016’s top make-or-break marketing competency. Click below to download. [...]

    Video | 01/2016

    Media Activation & Demand Side Platform

    In Forrester’s Q2 2015 DSP Wave Report, DataXu was identified as the strongest “Total Advertising Solution” in the industry. [...]

    Video | 12/2015

    OneView | Omnichannel Data Management Capabilities

    DataXu’s global data management capabilities help marketers identify, understand and engage with high-value consumers. [...]

    White Paper | 12/2015

    The Rapid Rise Of Programmatic Television | What PTV Means For Advertisers In 2016

    The way in which viewers think about and consume television content has shifted dramatically. [...]

    Video | 11/2015

    DataXu Customer Summit 2015 | New York City

    DataXu held its inaugural DataXu Customer Summit on November 4-5, 2015. Click to view highlights. [...]

    Analyst Report | 07/2015

    Marketing in the Programmatic Age in the Words of the Marketers

    During Q3 and Q4 of 2014, DataXu sponsored a series of six roundtable events across the US – Marketing in [...]

    White Paper | 07/2015

    How Data and Technology are Driving the Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

    The role of Chief Marketing Technologist (CMT) is gaining greater importance in organisations,... [...]

    Analyst Report | 06/2015

    The Forrester Wave™: Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) Q2 2015

    What does it take to be named a leader in Demand-Side software platform with the highest scores as the “strongest current offering” [...]

    Webinar | 04/2015

    Deconstructing Ad Fraud, EU Webinar

    Watch Deconstructing Ad Fraud for Marketers from Europe, and learn about bots, viewability & our Fraud-Free Guarantee. [...]

    Webinar | 04/2015

    Deconstructing Ad Fraud: Insights, Impact and Best Practices for Marketers

    Watch Deconstructing Ad Fraud for Marketers, and learn about bots, viewability & our Fraud-Free Guarantee. [...]

    Webinar | 04/2015

    Fighting Fraud with Forrester

    Fraud is a tough and growing problem, but there is a path forward. If there’s one thing you take from today’s webinar, it’s that there is cause for optimism. [...]

    Best Practice | 02/2015

    How to Score a Perfect 10 With Programmatic Marketing

    With spend on programmatic marketing set to rise in the year ahead, advertisers need to think [...]

    Analyst Report | 12/2014

    AdAge: Programmatic Goes Global

    Marketers around the world are employing programmatic strategies and tools to deliver [...]

    Analyst Report | 07/2014

    Winterberry Report: Going Global: Programmatic Audience Development Around the World

    This paper covers three use-cases for leveraging data to achieve specific marketing goals [...]

    Best Practice | 07/2014

    Programmatic In-House Best Practices Guide

    Programmatic marketing platforms offer the promise of new customer insight, better scale and [...]

    Analyst Report | 07/2014

    Marketing in the Programmatic Age: Roundtable Series

    During the first half of the year, DataXu sponsored a series of six roundtable events across [...]

    Webinar | 05/2014

    Webinar Replay: Programmatic Marketing in the Age of the Customer

    Join Jim Nail, principal analyst at Forrester Research, and Ed Montes, Chief Revenue Officer [...]

    Webinar | 04/2014

    Webinar Replay: Programmatic Marketing In the Age of the Customer (EU)

    On 30th April, Luca S. Paderni, VP and Research Director, Forrester Research Inc., and Sacha [...]

    Analyst Report |

    Forrester Study: Marketing Embraces its Data-Driven Future

    The commissioned study, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of DataXu, interviewed [...]

    Video | 04/2014

    The Benefits of Private Exchange Video with DataXu and Liverail

    From DataXu and Liverail, learn how Private Exchanges blend efficiency, control and performance. [...]

    Webinar |

    Webinar Replay: The Importance of Transparency in Programmatic Marketing

    At DataXu we believe that brands and agencies that demand transparency around price, placement [...]

    Video | 04/2014

    BBC Horizon: Age of Big Data

    "The Age of Big Data" is Episode 11 of Season 49 of the BBC's Horizons documentary series; an excerpt from the episode that directly mentions DataXu. BBC News / BBC Horizons - © 2013 BBC [...]

    White Paper | 03/2014

    Leveraging Data for Better Brand Marketing

    This paper covers three use-cases for leveraging data to achieve specific marketing goals [...]

    Video |

    The New DataXu Console

    Platform operators will love how easy it is to run programmatic campaigns with DataXu. [...]

    Best Practice | 03/2014

    Programmatic Direct Design and Execution

    From DataXu and SpotX, learn how to get the most out of Programmatic Direct (aka Deal ID). [...]

    White Paper | 01/2014

    The Case for Retiring CTR as a Campaign Metric

    Is your colleague or boss stuck on CTR as a key performance indicator? Have them read this. [...]

    White Paper | 12/2013

    Being Seen: Answering Your Questions About Ad Viewability

    Evaluate your vendor mix, beat the competition, complete or replace brand campaign KPIs [...]

    Webinar | 11/2013

    Webinar Replay: Customer-Centric Marketing (EU)

    The ever-changing digital consumer has upended advertising as we know it. The customer journey [...]

    Webinar | 10/2013

    Demystifying Private Exchange Webinar with Google

    What you will learn: What is Private Exchange? Where does it fit in the continuum from RTB [...]

    White Paper |

    What we talk about when we talk about transparency

    There’s ROI hiding in your media budget. But you need transparency to be able to identify and [...]

    Webinar | 10/2013

    Programmatic Marketing Webinar featuring Tom Davenport

    Top brands—and savvy marketers—are discovering the competitive advantage of using programmatic [...]

    Analyst Report | 09/2013

    Forrester Report: Maximize Media ROI With A Customer-Centric Approach

    According to Forrester, moving to a higher level of digital media buying maturity requires [...]

    White Paper | 09/2013

    4 Techniques for Efficient Media Buying

    You now have very precise tools to reach and engage your prospects as they progress through [...]

    White Paper | 09/2013

    Marketing to the New Customer Journey

    The consumer’s digital lifestyle upended digital advertising as we know it. Today’s brands [...]

    White Paper |

    Audience Extension for Publishers

    Learn about the key considerations for launching or enhancing your publisher audience [...]

    Webinar | 09/2013

    Webinar Replay: Fuel a Customer-Centric Approach to Marketing

    The ever-changing digital consumer has upended advertising as we know it. The customer journey [...]

    Webinar | 06/2013

    Customer Intelligence Webinar

    Hear from DataXu analytics and product experts as they share perspectives on how we think [...]

    Video | 05/2013

    The DataXu Platform

    Powered by Active Analytics™ the DataXu Marketing Cloud delivers real marketing ROI. [...]

    Video | 05/2013

    DataXu Algorithm Marketplace

    The customer journey isn’t one size fits all. Programmatic algorithsm shouldn’t be either. [...]

    White Paper | 05/2013

    Consumer Index

    In the past, marketers had to reply on intuition and stale, siloed information. An industry [...]

    Webinar | 04/2013

    Team One's Approach to Programmatic Marketing for Lexus

    Scott Wensman, Group Media Director for Team One, discusses their approach to Programmatic [...]

    Video | 02/2013

    Using Data & Analytics to Reinvent Marketing

    CEO Mike Baker presents best practices and case studies to the CMO Collective [...]

    Webinar | 10/2012

    DataXu for Guaranteed Media Drives Higher Returns on Premium Media Investments

    Programmatic buying has proven valuable in enabling advertisers to capitalize on [...]

    White Paper |

    Tom Davenport: Three Steps to Programmatic Marketing

    It’s important to move toward programmatic marketing, and this paper outlines three steps that [...]

    Best Practice |

    Is Your Brand Taking Advantage of Online Video?

    Video consumption is slated to double from 6 billion to 12 billion by 2020! In 2011 alone [...]

    Video | 10/2012

    DataXu Customer Intelligence

    Brands with Big Data challenges need visualization tools to help find signal in the noise. [...]

    Webinar |

    Marketing in the Digital Age – Analytics Advantage webinar

    The transition to a pervasively-digital world is disruptive and confusing at times, but one [...]

    Webinar |

    Leveraging Online Data To Drive Customer Acquisition

    The cornerstone of digital marketing management (DMM) is the ability to turn online consumer [...]

    Analyst Report | 10/2012

    The Forrester Wave™ – Demand Side Platforms, Q4 2011

    Which has an optimized integrated data management platform (DMP) and attribution management [...]

    White Paper | 10/2012

    Marketing in the Digital Age – Winning with Data & Analytics

    The transition to a pervasively-digital world is disruptive and confusing at times, but one [...]

    White Paper |

    How to Profit from Big Data

    What was your zero moment of truth when you realized that Big Data and customer intelligence [...]

    Best Practice |

    5 Mobile Tips

    If you aren’t ahead of the curve, you are behind. To help you stay on top, Lara Mehanna [...]