Advertising and Marketing under the GDPR

As of May 25, 2018, the rules have changed for how the data of people from the European Union should be handled. It has changed how agencies and their brand clients and technology partners can use data for marketing and advertising.

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The dataxu approach

As a marketing technology company, dataxu is subject to the GDPR. We’ve always placed the highest value on transparency, quality, and privacy. This dedication, combined with our industry-leading decisioning technology, puts us in the best position to continue running effective advertising post-GDPR.

From the inception of the GDPR, we assembled a cross-functional task force to oversee the implementation of GDPR compliance in every aspect of our operations. We are committed to providing the best quality and transparency to, not only our customers, but to all digital consumers.

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Group of people on stairs wearing GDPR shirts promoting GDPR at dataxu

Summary of processing activities

  • With regards to customer campaigns, dataxu is listed as a data processor
  • We require our customers and partners to obtain consent for any personal data we process on EU data subjects
  • We do not collect nor process sensitive personal data or special categories of data as listed under GDPR
  • We do collect and process device data from EU subjects such as browser cookies, mobile device IDs, and, in some cases, IP Addresses, which are always hashed
  • We do not link any data to personal data which identifies a natural person

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Where can I learn more about the GDPR?

This link will take you directly to the EU’s official website on GDPR:

Reach out to our privacy team with any questions about our approach by email at