“Fraud is everyone’s problem.” It’s a common refrain in our industry. But when it’s everyone’s problem, it’s no surprise that solutions are slow in coming.

We think differently. We provide eligible customers with a 97% fraud-free guarantee across their exchange media investments with us.

As a marketer, you want to focus your team on great marketing, and the last problem you want on your plate is media fraud. When you invest in programmatic marketing with dataxu, you won’t have to worry about how real the engagement is.

If you experience a fraud rate greater than 3% across your entire monthly investment in dataxu’s exchange media offerings, we will automatically provide you with a billing credit. Eligible customers with master contracts with dataxu will receive a 100% credit for our fees associated with the fraudulent media greater than 3% and a 100% refund of any amounts we’re able to recover from the suppliers of that media. Other customers may receive billing credits subject to the terms of a particular campaign and billing cycle.

We’re offering this protection because you shouldn’t have to pay for something that isn’t your problem. To learn how your investment can be protected, contact us today.

Demystifying Ad Fraud

And if you’re struggling to understand fraud, you’re not alone. It’s complicated, and it’s growing.

Programmatic’s rapid ascent as a preferred approach to digital marketing has unfortunately caught the attention of fraudsters who view growing markets as fat opportunities to steal.

Check out this four-minute video featuring dataxu and DoubleVerify, a leading partner in the fight against fraud, as they explain fraud and how you can protect yourself.