DataXu Insights -Report Cover Preview: Marketing in the Programmatic Age: Roundtable Series 2014

Marketing in the Programmatic Age Roundtable Lunch Series #5

It’s a provocative notion: we’re in the midst of a marketing revolution fueled by programmatic decisions. Technologies claiming to manage marketing investments, deliver data-driven consumer insights, and improve customer acquisition have rapidly proliferated.  But many organizations and executives have had difficulty keeping up with the realities and possibilities of the ever-changing marketing landscape.

The Marketing in the Programmatic Age Roundtable Lunch is an exclusive invitation-only event for senior executives from brands and agencies.  We examine the innovative strategies leading organizations are using to engage their target audiences while breaking down the current digital marketing and media environment.  Attendees will benefit from rich, focused content as well as the rare networking opportunity created between the roundtable members.  The roundtable will be very interactive by design and is limited to 25 participants.  While there is no cost to participate, we require roundtable members to show up if registered and actively contribute to the conversation.

We will address the following questions:
  • How will top brands use data & analytics to fuel a customer-centric approach to marketing?
  • What are the best cases studies that demonstrate how programmatic marketing is being used to maximize returns on marketing investments and improve customer engagement?
  • What are best practices for developing omni-channel digital strategies?
  • What does “video” mean for marketers in 2014?
  • Can online campaigns drive branding and offline actions?
  • What consumer insights and intelligence can be gleaned from programmatic marketing?
  • How are leading brands successfully navigating the new digital landscape?