Cross Format + Cross Device

DataXu’s global data management capabilities help marketers identify, understand and engage with high-value audiences in a more relevant way.

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People-Based Marketing

Accurate consumer identity management and messaging across all devices.

The smartphone, tablet and television are here to stay.

The average US consumer owns three devices; 42% of online purchases are started on one device and completed on another. Addressability on all screens – from television to mobile to desktop and everything in between – is DataXu’s new end game. We call it OneView.

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How OneView Works

DataXu’s OneView technology helps marketers identify individuals and build a complete picture of consumer behavior across devices.


OneView layers information about the consumer’s behaviors and interests to build a 360-degree view.


DataXu’s technology combines first-party data with third-party data sources to build out a more accurate understanding of customers and prospects.


OneView can map even the most complex omni-channel, multi-touch consumer journeys to arrive at true attribution.

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Data Integration

Onboard, organize, and segment valuable customer data in one place.

DataXu’s award-winning data management capabilities help marketers collect, standardize, store and analyze individual-level consumer data across all formats and all devices.

Organize and Store Data

Import a variety of data sources into DataXu’s secure data management tool for easy storage and access.

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Build Audience Segments

Build and understand high-value customer segments by integrating the following types of data:

Online and offline data

Media data

CRM data

First- and third-party data

Web data

Private second-party data

Enhance First-Party Data

Access more than 45,000 additional audience segments to enhance existing databases. Leading data providers are integrated seamlessly, along with the terabytes of additional consumer data DataXu’s technology collects daily.

Some of DataXu’s partners include:

DataXu Audience Segments - First Party Data Logos - Bluekai, Lotame, AddThis, Adobe, Experian, Nielsen, Neustar, LiveRamp, Eyeota
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Cross-Device Journey

Understand how different devices influence a customer’s path to purchase.

OneView helps marketers understand:

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Where did a consumer begin her interaction with the brand?

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How many times did the consumer interact with the brand before making a purchase?

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Which devices played a role in the decision to purchase?

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In what sequential order were devices used during the journey?

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Privacy Compliance

Global coverage via built-in policies and controls.

Policies empower marketers to make targeting decisions based on their unique needs.

Different advertisers and geographies require different levels of certainty with regards to an individual’s age, gender, profession and preferences. DataXu’s solution has built-in policy controls to ensure the safety and privacy of consumers at all times.

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Select different levels of identity certainty required for each campaign.

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Exclude data sources based on geographical rules and regulations.

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Protect consumers through DataXu’s commitment to using only privacy-safe identifiers.

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