Solve Your Client’s Data Dilemma

DataXu’s OneView™ global data management and activation platform helps agency teams easily identify, understand and engage with your client’s target audience.

People-Based Marketing

Help your clients reach specific individuals with greater confidence and consistency.

How OneView™ Works

DataXu’s OneView™ data activation platform empowers agency teams to identify individuals and build a more complete picture of their behavior across devices.


OneView™ layers information about the consumer’s behaviors and interests to build a 360-degree view.


OneView™ technology combines first-party data with third-party data sources to build out a more accurate understanding of customers and prospects.


OneView™ can map even the most complex omni-channel, multi-touch consumer journeys to arrive at true attribution.

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Accelerate Data Onboarding

Onboard, organize and segment valuable first-party data in minutes, not hours.

Take charge of your client’s data with our award-winning OneView™ data management and activation platform. Use OneView™ to collect, standardize, analyze and enrich consumer data across all formats and all devices.

Organize and Store Data

Import a variety of data sources into DataXu’s secure data management platform for easy storage and access. Or select from segment-specific Audience Modules such as B2B or Auto Intenders to get started.

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DataXu Icons - Audience Segments - Online and offline data Media data CRM data First- and third-party data Web data Private second-party data

Build Audience Segments

Build and understand high-value customer segments by integrating the following types of data:

Online and offline data

Media data

CRM data

First- and third-party data

Web data

Private second-party data

Enhance First-Party Data

Access more than 45,000 additional audience segments to enhance existing databases. Leading data providers are integrated seamlessly, along with the terabytes of additional consumer data that DataXu’s OneView™ platform collects daily.

Some of DataXu’s partners include:

DataXu Audience Segments - First Party Data Logos - Bluekai, Lotame, AddThis, Adobe, Experian, Nielsen, Neustar, LiveRamp, Eyeota

Gain Cross-Device Clarity

Understand how different devices influence a customer’s path to purchase.

Gain unobstructed visibility into your clients’ markets, audiences and media performance.

Use OneView™ To Discover:

DataXu Icon - Consumer Action

Where did a specific consumer begin her interaction with the brand?

DataXu Icon - Last consumer interaction

How many times did the consumer interact with the brand before making a purchase?

DataXu Icon - Question Mark Over Desktop Monitor and Mobile Phone

Which devices played a role in her decision to purchase?

DataXu Icon - Arrows around desktop and mobile phone

In what sequential order were devices used during her journey?

Privacy Compliance

OneView™ has you and your clients covered with built-in policies and controls.

Different clients and geographies require different levels of certainty with regards to an individual’s age, gender, profession and preferences. OneView™ comes with built-in policy controls to ensure the safety and privacy of consumers at all times.

DataXu Icon - Control Levers

Select different levels of identity certainty required for each campaign.

DataXu Icon - GPS Pin Crossed out to Represent Exclusion

Exclude data sources based on geographical rules and regulations.

DataXu Icon - Arrows around lock representing protection

Protect your client and their customers through our commitment to using only privacy-safe identifiers.

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