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Why work at dataxu? Because you want to work for a market leader poised for explosive growth – but still small enough so that everyone makes a difference. Happy hours and costume competitions? Yeah, we’ve got that.

We’re obsessed with our customers, our product, our people and innovation. Which is why twice a year, we host Innovation Day when employees stop the day to day work to partner with colleagues around the globe on projects to better our company.

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What makes a great data scientist?

When hiring for my team, I long to find a great person who will not only do the job well, but add value. I always start with a high level of excitement at the possibilities but am usually […] Continue Reading Dr. Beth’s Post

Beth Logan Headshot

Dr. Beth Logan
VP of Optimization

Announcing dataxu’s newest patent: Cruise Control

Last month, dataxu received some exciting news. The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for Cruise Control, a key automation feature of dataxu’s DSP TouchPoint. Along […] Continue Reading Dr. Bill’s Post

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Dr. Bill Simmons
CTO & EVP, Product Development

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We hold ourselves to high standards to ensure we give our customers and coworkers our very best.







dataxu named as one of 
BostInno’s 10 Coolest Companies winners for 2017 and 2018!!

BostInno’s 10 Coolest Companies 2018 Winner

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