UPDATE: How we kept Connected TV clean in 2018


Along with the rise of spend in CTV, 2018 has seen increasing concerns around fraud in this rapidly growing channel.  Our partner, DoubleVerify, recently identified a new bot network that specifically targets CTV devices – see here for more details on what they uncovered.  The botnet was spoofing publisher URLs, sending false signals to spoof a OTT device and cashing in on the served impressions. dataxu is dedicated to combating these potential threats. 

Protecting against fraud in Connected TV

As a leader in CTV and consistent with our dedication to creating a safe environment for our customers, dataxu has been protecting our buyers from CTV fraud since before monitoring services began identifying these types of attacks.  Our commitment to building a hand-curated TV marketplace, and not relying on device targeting to pull CTV out of the abyss of open exchanges, has operated as a shield against suspicious and fraudulent activity. Our CTV inventory is purchased exclusively via private marketplace deals curated through direct contact with publishers and tested to ensure that our customer’s impressions are delivering on true CTV devices.

Because CTV is a rapidly evolving landscape, it should be approached cautiously, as well as enthusiastically.  If the right precautions are taken, CTV can be a key component to any marketing strategy. dataxu has long been ahead when it comes to inventory quality, and with CTV, it is no different.  Take a look at this blog post from the beginning of this year to ensure you are taking the right approach when it comes to buying CTV.

The advice in this prior post remains as true today as when it was developed by our Advanced TV team. In addition to working closely with our exchange and quality partners, dataxu’s direct relationships with publishers help ensure our customers are not simply relying on the entirety of the open exchange inventory which can often be misleading or fraudulent, but on a carefully curated and protected environment to ensure success.  If you want to learn more about what dataxu is doing as a leader in CTV, contact us!