Understanding Connected TV options for political advertisers


The recent 2018 midterm elections featured hundreds of congressional, state, and local primaries. Although everyone may not agree on outcomes, there is no denying that these elections took place during what is a growing trend of cord-cutting. In fact, Connected TV (CTV) advertising was practically non-existent during the 2016 elections. Today, with the number of over-the-top (OTT) viewers growing to 198.6 million, political advertisers are realizing the opportunity it provides – a brand-safe and effective way to reach voters.

The growing CTV landscape

Digital ad spend by political advertisers during this year’s midterms is estimated by Borrel Associates to be nearly $2 billion, up 2,5359% from 2014! This proves the emergence of CTV advertising has helped increase these numbers. For reference, in August, the publisher side technology platform, Telaria, reported that 30% of all political ad spend on its platform was spent on CTV, up from just 1% in 2016. With programmatic inventory on the rise, the 2020 elections should shape up to be a monster year for CTV advertising.

Reaching elusive viewers with TotalTV™

dataxu’s robust TotalTV™ marketplace consists of premium CTV inventory. It’s a way to reach custom audiences, like potential voters, with peace of mind via quality verification. Political advertisers can even access rich online and real-world offline data sets to target voters based on political preference on the big screen. Reach out to us today to learn more.