Transforming Traditional Linear TV Buying


Programmatic TV (PTV) remains one of the most talked about and simultaneously least understood facets of advertising today. PTV spending in 2017 is expected to surpass $2 billion, yet many marketers have trouble visualizing how this type of campaign would look in practice and how it could relate to their own goals.

To shine some light on this topic, let’s consider a recent campaign. Working on behalf of a global telecom brand, DataXu determined whether targeting audiences using 1st and 3rd party digital data could better inform a linear TV campaign than standard demographic targeting. Specifically, the goal of the campaign was to drive interest and awareness of the brand’s “mobile-as-a-service” offering amongst small and medium sized business (SMB) owners.

DataXu defined an SMB audience based on digital data then used TV viewership data from TiVo Research to identify the networks, dayparts, and programs which these individuals are most likely to watch. Through a partnership with WideOrbit, DataXu then launched and tracked a programmatic linear TV campaign in specific DMAs buying only the precise programs identified as relevant by the audience data. In the past, such a campaign would typically require several spot buys across markets and providers but the efficiency of programmatic TV allows for simple management from a centralized platform.

Upon completion of the campaign, DataXu measured online activity against pertinent “mobile-as-a-service” pages on the brand’s site during various periods within the campaign. Results show the audience based campaign produced a 13X increase in daily online activity for targeted DMAs vs. baseline activity. Furthermore, the audience based campaign recorded an 11X greater increase in digital customer engagement vs. markets running traditionally planned TV campaigns.

By analyzing consumer attributes within digital engagement, DataXu found there was an increase in SMB specific engagement from audience targeted DMAs despite decreases in SMB engagement from traditionally planned markets. In short, a data enhanced programmatic linear TV campaign drives qualified traffic and engagement.

For DataXu and the telecom brand, this campaign and the subsequent findings showed programmatic linear TV not only provides an efficient form of TV buying and campaign management but that a data driven strategy can improve impact on real marketing objectives.

Rapid Rise Programmatic Television White Paper