The ‘xu sabbatical log: Tonya Montella


At dataxu, our people are our greatest asset. In acknowledgment of everything our xukeepers do, dataxu offers all regular, full-time employees the opportunity to take a 4-week paid sabbatical leave after five years of continuous employment. Benefits like this enable us to celebrate the hard work our xukeepers do and show our appreciation for their contributions to moving the company forward.

Interested in learning more about dataxu sabbaticals? We’re kicking off a series called “the ‘xu sabbatical log” where xukeepers share their background at dataxu and what they did with their time off.

Kick-starting the series is Tonya Montella, Learning & Development Specialist on our People Strategy team. Check out her story below:

In a few sentences, describe your dataxu experience (roles you’ve held, things you’ve learned, favorite moments):

I started out as a Customer Success Manager helping customers onboard TouchPoint™ and make their campaigns a success. After 4 years, I then moved over to the People Strategy team as a Learning & Development Specialist. My first role really helped me succeed in my current role as I understand the ins and outs of TouchPoint™ and what others need when learning it for the first time.

My favorite moments at dataxu are spontaneous after work gatherings and the annual Summer Outing!

What’s your fondest memory about your first days/weeks at dataxu?

I was brand new to programmatic marketing, but starting on the same day as a fellow Customer Success Manager was nice as we were both learning something new and we were cube-mates. She still works at dataxu and has also changed roles!

That’s the beauty of working here—you can grow into your current role or extend your reach into a new one. We often reminisce on how much things have evolved since we started.

How did you spend your 4-week sabbatical? What was the best part about it?

I visited my high school friend in New York and saw all of the Christmas decorations at Rockefeller Center (pictured below) and Radio City Music Hall. I also took my son to Virginia to visit my parents, then took a short trip to New Hampshire with my son and husband. The best part was our family trip to NH as we don’t have a lot of opportunities to vacation together due to my husband’s busy schedule. Having this time with them was so nice!

The ‘xu sabbatical log: Tonya Montella

Interested in seeing more of the ‘xu sabbatical log? Be sure to check back on the blog over the next few months to see more from our xukeepers!