The ‘xu sabbatical log: Dan Reis


After five years of continuous employment, dataxu offers all full-time employees the opportunity to take a 4-week paid sabbatical leave. Just one of the many awesome perks employees receive at dataxu!

To share our xukeeper’s experiences during their sabbatical leave as well as their background at dataxu, we have created the ‘xu sabbatical log’. Dan Reis, Senior Visual Designer, is next up on the log to share his story on how he spent those 4-weeks. Check it out below:

In a few sentences, describe your dataxu experience (roles you’ve held, things you’ve learned, favorite moments).

I have been at dataxu since 2012 and it’s been an incredible ride. I’ve held roles from digital marketer and graphic designer, to senior visual designer working with product and engineering. I have worked with a wide range of really smart, talented people and learned more than I would have ever expected. It’s been a fantastic learning experience from marketing automation to GDPR and privacy compliance, to user experience design.

What’s your fondest memory about your first days/weeks at dataxu?

When I started I was right out of college and so getting to own the entire design was a great opportunity. I was able to learn all about the business while also learning how to design for an entire company, this was really exciting to me.

How did you spend your 4 week sabbatical? What was the best part about it?

I spent the first 3 weeks designing and building my own personal website from the ground up. It was a fantastic learning experience, and a great opportunity to use what I have learned over the last 5 years and really put my experience to good use. The final week I went on vacation to Florida with my wife and was able to relax and enjoy the warm weather and ocean sounds.

Dan Reis beach

Interested in seeing more of the ‘xu sabbatical log? Be sure to check back on the blog over the next few months to see more from our xukeepers!