Talent & Team Rise Above Nation States


I sent out the below note to our team here at the ‘Xu over the weekend, and feel that I ought to share it more broadly given recent events.

I’ve always tried to respect and understand the differing viewpoints of people from all walks of life because it shows respect and humility.  This habit has led me personally to avoid politics and other divisive subjects in my professional life.  That said, I feel that it’s appropriate to discuss how some of President Trump’s words and actions affect our team here at DataXu.

Some of you may have read that the CEOs of several prominent tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, Google and Tesla have voiced opposition to President Trump’s Executive Order halting immigration from 7 countries and the administration’s plan to propose sweeping changes to immigration policies in the US.

While we don’t yet know where the conversation and the law will end up, I do know one thing: this company literally wouldn’t exist without America’s long history of open borders. One of the first calls I made when we were building DataXu was to an immigration lawyer friend because we needed to get [fellow DataXu co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer] Sandro [Catanzaro]’s green card process going. Since then, we’ve sponsored a lot of amazingly talented people around the world to work in the USA, and—perhaps more importantly—we’ve embraced the idea that our talent & team will not be limited to those living in any single political boundary.  I believe that by working together as one team across cultures we not only make a stronger DataXu but make a stronger world.  And, despite the time zone challenges and many miles I’ve logged on planes, I think it’s fun and personally enriching to collaborate with people from different cultures.

That’s it.  I just wanted to write this note to affirm that we stand behind all of our employees and—particularly in these times—those who we are sponsoring or helping through the immigration process.


Michael Baker