Safeguarding Consumer Privacy


At DataXu, we believe it is possible to safeguard and advance the interests of both advertisers and consumers through data and its real-time analysis. We gather data and determine or predict user characteristics, behavior, or preferences, and deliver relevant ads in real-time. Consumers benefit from receiving more relevant ads and digital content experiences. Advertisers and publishers benefit from more effective advertising.

At the crossroads is privacy. DataXu works diligently to strike a balance: companies want to reach their audiences with relevant content and offer people meaningful, high-impact interactions. Equally important, consumers want digital experiences that speak to their unique interests and needs. In every situation, protecting consumer privacy is paramount.

At DataXu, we make a concerted effort to safeguard consumer notice and choice and ensure their privacy and anonymity is protected. We work hard to uphold the highest values in all our business activities, and our leadership and policies regarding consumer privacy are no exception.

We are an active member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and comply with the NAI’s Self-Regulatory Principles. We also fully support the Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA) program, an initiative spearheaded by leading industry associations, and the efforts of the Better Business Bureau, to regulate behavioral advertising across the Internet.

Starting in August 2011, the OBA Accountability Program repeatedly tested the functionality, usability, and duration of consumer-choice mechanisms offered by a number of companies across five Internet browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. DataXu’s corporate website was part of those tests.

A few weeks ago we learned that the OBA Accountability Program discovered a minor issue isolated strictly to our corporate website. The “opt-out” link on our Privacy page improperly set a cookie that was only readable by certain sub-domains, resulting in a few consumers (less than .03%) receiving DataXu ads after they left the company’s corporate website. Upon notification of the issue, we immediately updated our corporate website to resolve the situation and be back in full OBA compliance. In addition, we expanded our quality assurance procedures to ensure that the opt-out mechanisms will remain fully functional and in compliance moving forward.

Trust and honesty are the bulwarks of our brand, as they are for our clients’ brands. We genuinely welcome your comments on self-regulation when it comes to privacy in digital advertising, so please send us your thoughts.