Reblogged: Forbes Interview with Mike Baker


Recently, DataXu CEO Mike Baker spoke with Eric Jackson, Founder and Managing Partner of Ironfire Capital. They discussed the programmatic marketing industry and where it’s going, how the role of the CMO is set to evolve and the issue of fraud in the ad tech space.

One of the hottest spaces in the tech world these days is advertising technology – or AdTech – as well as programmatic ad buying.  In the past year, there have been new IPOs such as Rocket Fuel and Criteo from that world.  AOL also bought Adap.TV last year before it could IPO.


I recently chatted with Mike Baker, who’s the founder and CEO of Boston-based DataXu.  An early believer in mobile, Mike was CEO of mobile marketing pioneer Enpocket, acquired by Nokia, as well as Chairman of mobile RTB leader Nexage. I asked him more about where the industry going and how DataXu differentiates itself against the various public and private competitors.

Check out the full article, Interview with Mike Baker of DataXu, over at Forbes!