Getting Beyond Primitive Attribution Modeling


Earlier this month, MediaPost published this new article by DataXu’s James Rhee, Solutions Architect. Check out an excerpt below and click through to MediaPost to read the full piece!

Now that it’s 2016, there’s certainly one thing on which the digital advertising community can claim a wide consensus. As we edge closer to cross-device advertising and marketing making an evolutionary leap, we can coalesce around the necessity of moving beyond primitive attribution modeling at last. Indeed, 2016 is the year that we can put the final nail in the last-click attribution coffin and lay it to rest.

For the past 10 years, last-click attribution served the industry quite well. It was a far cry better than traditional media evaluation from the likes of Nielsen, which has been a mostly speculative exercise in measuring consumer engagement with brand messaging.

With the recent emergence of mobile and video, we have moved beyond a purely desktop marketplace. It’s time we take a more sophisticated, holistic view of the brand-consumer dialogue. It’s a dialogue that increasingly flows in both directions — and with vast potential for even greater engagement facilitated by the Internet of Things, last-click attribution is clearly anachronistic. Now that technology and modeling have facilitated marketers’ ability to track and analyze the entire consumer journey, it is time to formalize an industry standard to give credit where credit is due in all sales conversions.

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