Predictions: what highlights and headaches will 2019 bring for the marketing industry?


Black Friday is over, the John Lewis Christmas ad is out and people everywhere are cracking out their ugly jumpers – which means that 2018 will soon be over and a new year, new budgets and new campaigns are just around the corner. It’s the season when some reflection on what happened in 2018 and the trends to come to marketing next year can help shape your strategy – here are a few of our predictions.

Quality becomes king
In a world of fake news and suspect internet businesses, consumers are more sceptical than ever of advertising – so marketers need to focus on ways to show legitimacy and build trust. High quality mediums such as TV will win in this world, but advertisers will not want to give up the targeting and analytics of digital advertising. So advanced TV and video will come into its own – and we are already seeing this trend at dataxu with a 4x increase in video and Connected TV campaigns from Q1 to Q4 this year. In 2019, we predict that the majority of campaigns will run as high quality video and TV formats, and at dataxu we are already well ahead of this trend with the launch of our TotalTV™ suite of products.

In-house will be the new normal
In 2018, the number of campaigns that agencies and brands are running in-house on our TouchPoint™ platform has increased by 150%. Every conversation we have is about how and when we can help customers bring our platform in-house – which is why we’ve been busy this year making improvements to the usability and features of our self-service platform as well as launching our Partner Acceleration Program, which helps our platform customers develop their programmatic skills, gain unique market insights, and showcase their success.

Effective data activation will be a hygiene factor
It feels like a never-ending conversation, but marketing teams are still trying to figure out how to effectively use data to maximise campaign reach and personalise the customer experience. Loss of data and inadequate, static data matching are still blockers to people-based marketing for many teams, which is why we are seeing more and more interest in our market-leading data and identity management solution, OneView™. In fact, we just announced an exclusive partnership with LiveRamp IdentityLink to help solve precisely these issues.

Agencies will emerge new and de-siloed
2018 has been a turbulent year for media agencies, with big changes at many of the major holding groups. We expect that 2019 will see an integrated and collaborative approach to pitching continue to emerge amongst the agencies, backed by top notch automation and analytics technology partners to cement the value and insight that agencies are still best at delivering for their clients.