Why I’m happy to pay my customers for fraud


DataXu CEO Mike Baker recently published why he’s happy to pay DataXu’s customers for ad fraud. See an excerpt below, and read the full article on LinkedIn.

…So when fraud becomes as pervasive and insidious as it has become across the digital marketing ecosystem, it threatens to undermine all that trust we work so hard to earn.

As a company focused solely on solving advertiser’s problems using data science, we have no part in creating or catalyzing fraud.  To be clear, this is a media supply chain issue.  But at the same time, it affects how our entire ecosystem gets viewed, and impacts the central issue of whether a brand can even trust their digital advertising investments, not to mention the loftier goal of driving a better return on investment.  So, we decided someone has to step up.

We now pay out credits to each and every brand with whom we work when we find fraud above a 3% level (determined not by us but by third party verification).  As CEO, do I like paying money back out to customers, particularly due to a problem we had nothing to do with creating?  Well… yes.

See the full post on LinkedIn.