A New Year’s Tail: First Generation DSPs Give Winston a Sad Puppy Face


Since my dog, Winston set up his BSP (Bark Side Platform) home has been a bit different and sadly quiet. He is all work and no play – no chasing squirrels, sleeping on the couch or trying to avoid being killed by the neighbor’s cat.

Too proud to listen to his Dad, he chose to license the cheapest cost of media based DSP he could find. All DSPs were the same, so he said. Plus the sales rep bought him a year’s supply of his favorite crunchy liver snacks. All he had to do now was sell his friends some campaigns, sit back, and soon he would be trading in his kibble for steak dinners and foie gras.

I had a chance to catch up with Winston last night to find out what went wrong.

He told me he was doing everything right. He was buying every 3rd party data segment he could get his paws on. He was doing retargeting. He hired Bob the brightest bulldog from the local park to run Excel-based optimization for him. He was re-balancing and re-jiggering campaigns every hour – writing long list of rules in a desperate plight to find something that worked. Turns out he bought a UI, not a solution. Talk about chasing his tail.

Those little $25k tests he ran wouldn’t grow. Every time he grew the budget, the campaign tanked.  He was tapped out on cookie buying. His basic algorithms weren’t taking him anywhere, and he only had limited canine resources to keep things above water. I mean, you try manually optimizing campaigns without thumbs.

Winston wanted out of the dog house.

He made a New Year’s Resolution! He’d swap out his 1st gen DSP for DataXu.

If this sounds like your story and you want to get it right for 2011– we can help. Give us a ring and swap your BSP in for the only platform in the market that can deliver performance at scale.