Mobile Panel San Francisco: Food for Thought





At the DataXu Mobile Anniversary Tour Stop #2, San Francisco, panelists’ and event-goers’ commentary raised a few eyebrows as well as sparked a few interesting questions that we’re still chewing on…

#1 In app news, Facebook mobile adoption is up year-over-year and Flurry data shows that in-app activity is growing at an extremely fast pace. On the mobile web side, Google is rolling out Chrome to Android devices. So the debate rages on: how will the mobile content consumption experience evolve? Will we see a permanent shift toward apps or will the mobile Web prevail as the dominant way to access content?

#2 As an ecosystem – the tech side, the supply side, the demand side – we are struggling with attribution in mobile. What does this mean for brands making decisions about marketing spend and how they’re viewing mobile? Do they assess mobile as a driver of conversion or just a contributor?

#3 Hyperlocal, strategically. If as an industry we could scale hyperlocal data in mobile, how would consumers behave? The top-of-mind question seems to be “will consumers be freaked out?” The more important question may be, “in what scenario will consumers actually find value and respond?”

Maybe we’ll find our answers at tonight’s Mobile panel event in Chicago!


By Whitney Jones