Maximize the value of each impression on TV and all other screens with dataxu


To many brands, customer data is their most valuable marketing asset. And the ability to reach strategic audiences with precision is the first step toward achieving marketing goals. Yet the current cookie-based ad tech architecture is prone to data loss. In fact, at each stage of the bid stream life cycle, there is potential for data loss between platforms: DMPs → DSPs → SSPs and Publishers.

You work hard for first party data. Don’t let it go to waste.

dataxu’s first-to-market, native integration of LiveRamp IdentityLink™ (IDL) removes cookie matching all together, eliminating the threat of data loss. This integration unifies audience data with a people-based identifier and boosts audience match rates. In fact, buying on IdentityLink natively, instead of on cookies, allows marketers to significantly reduce data loss – by over 50 percent.

Activating your CRM data without dataxu is like blasting the heat with the windows wide open.

Once audiences are activated on dataxu’s DSP, TouchPoint™, achieving optimal reach across the customer journey, including household level targeting on TV, is a reality. Specifically, dataxu and enabled exchange partners transact directly on IDL as opposed to passing cookies through multiple sources during the bid response process. This results in less data loss and a 100% audience match between dataxu and the SSP. Ultimately, this kind of buying reduces wastes and saves budget.

Key benefits of leveraging dataxu + LiveRamp IDL:

  • Reach your valuable 1PD audiences on TV: dataxu’s OneView™ graph links IDLs to household IDs enabling effective Connected TV targeting against your CRM data
  • Maximized unique reach: Leveraging IDL data with dataxu limits data loss that normally occurs in the cookie-based ad tech architecture
  • Improve overall campaign performance: dataxu’s open and flexible identity management architecture, OneView, can ingest any identify token, including IDLs, in real-time for optimized bid responses and increase ROI

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