Meetup: Leveraging Social Data in Healthcare


Boston area folks: Join us next week, Tuesday September 1st, for a meetup at our Boston headquarters. Hosted with the Social Data and Analytics Meetup group, this meetup will focus on Leveraging Social Data in Healthcare and will feature three great speakers, seen below.

Register now, and we’ll see you on Tuesday!

Speakers and topics: 

Jared Hawkins (LinkedIn, @Jared_B_Hawkins)

Talk title: “Using Social Data and Other Non-traditional Digital Data Streams for Public Health Surveillance

Clark Freifeld (LinkedIn, @clarkfreifeld)

Talk title: “Digital Disease Detection: Big Data for Public Health. Using Internet media, text processing algorithms, and crowdsourcing for disease outbreak tracking and medical product safety monitoring.

Morgan Frank (LinkedIn, @mrfrank5790)

Talk title: “Societal well-being, happiness, and Twitter: social data as a thermometer for humanity”.