Innovation Day at DataXu!


Last month, we celebrated the fifth iteration of Innovation Day here at DataXu. This long-standing tradition has been mentioned a time or two here on the blog, but to set the scene: Innovation Day is a semi-annual event where an entire day is devoted to cross-team innovation. No meetings, no product releases, no calls; just self-formed teams of DataXu employees innovating – thinking of ways to improve processes, developing new technologies or products, or figuring out new ways to make DataXu better!

Team structures are suspended and employees are encouraged to work with anyone from of our 11 offices around the world on any project that will benefit the company. The goal of Innovation Day is to give employees the opportunity to think “outside the box” of their normal responsibilities and have the time to develop innovations that they normally would not be able to dedicate time to without worrying about missing deadlines or objectives. It’s an opportunity to take a risk, be creative and innovative with co-workers they may not work with on a regular basis.

In November, we had more than 30 teams present their ideas, the most ever seen in a single Innovation Day. The competition was tough, but in the end, three teams came out on top!

In third place, we had “Nobody Puts Tablet in a Corner,” which innovated a  solution to help customers optimize tablet campaigns.

Pictured: Tom and Michael, Nobody Puts Tablet in a Corner

Second place was awarded to “The Watchtower,” which innovated a platform monitoring and alerting service.

Pictured: Chip and Scott, The Watchtower (Not pictured: Maximo)

And the winner of the 5th DataXu Innovation Day was, “Autopilot: Campaign Cruise Control,” which set out to tackle the challenge of automating many of the mundane tasks of ad operations!

Pictured: Dane, Marc, Shane, Saket and Alan, Autopilot

Thanks to all our employees for another great Innovation Day! Next one is in the spring of 2013. Get those ideas going!

Does your company do anything like Innovation Day?