First-Party Data Is About To Become Even More Compelling


Recently, AdExchanger published the latest article from Tom Flanagan, DataXu’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. Check out an excerpt below and click through to read the full piece!

The digital advertising industry has long been shouting about the importance of applying first-party data to targeted digital advertising. Although some may think the promise of first-party data has been overhyped, I see it becoming even more compelling in two ways.

First, the breadth of connected devices and addressable interfaces will expand and the links among these devices and interfaces will mature. An expanded consumer data graph will multiply both the complexity and the opportunity facing brand marketers. Second, this data management and analytics layer will be novel in that it will be directly integrated with a comprehensive suite of consumer communication and marketing execution tools that span the spectrum of paid and owned media touch points.

In this future state, communication with consumers will be omnichannel and truly flow both ways. Brands will have the opportunity to pick and choose the most effective mediums to connect with particular consumers or households, and they will bring back valuable data every time they make those connections. Each connected TV ad, email or mobile app push notification will feed into a decision system that refines the content and overall mix of future communications.

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