How to make the most of your Facebook Newsfeed Investment


When Facebook opened up the newsfeed to advertisers, a whole new avenue emerged for brands to connect with their consumers. The newsfeed creative unit is big and impressive, and the placement is guaranteed to grab attention. It’s also more expensive.

After a year of running these new ads, we’ve developed a set of best practices to help make the most of your investment in Facebook newsfeed campaigns. Whether we run that campaign for you, you run it yourself through our self-serve platform, or use someone else’s platform, here are several tried and true best practices to maximize your Facebook newsfeed ads.

Headlines and Body Copy

  • Give users a reason to click. If possible, include a compelling offer or call-to-action. For example, “Click for Discounts!” is better than “Click Now!”
  • Emphasize key words or ideas. The use of quotation marks, exclamation points, and/or capitalization can help draw users’ attention to important words such as: “SALE.”
  • Be casual and friendly. Keep text conversational and avoid “marketing speak.”
  • Avoid abbreviations or jargon. Not all users will be familiar with your product or industry. Using non-technical text will help push a message that is meaningful to the entire audience.
  • Consider asking questions. Sometimes posing a question directly to the user improves performance. Test your text with and without questions to see if this helps.
  • Think billboard, not paragraph. Keep the message simple and to the point.


  • Keep text on images concise. Facebook limits text on images to no more than 20% of the surface area. More info including a handy measurement tool is available here.
  • Be colorful. Images which are colorful (primary colors: red, yellow, and blue) tend to perform better.
  • Test multiple images. Try more than one version of your image to find out what your audience most responds to.
  • Avoid image fatigue. Rotate in new images over time to keep fresh.

Some of these may have you scratching your head, but following these best practices can help you maximize your Facebook spend. Interested in seeing how DataXu’s solutions can enable your Facebook campaigns? Get in touch!