Outreach Made Easy: “YourCompanyNameHere” Cares

Boston Xukeepers at Cradles to Crayons for DX Cares

By Mike Abram, Senior Director, PMO & Customer Support 

How many work functions have you been to in the last year where you:

  • Talked to co-workers you had never met?
  • Really had fun?
  • Chatted with your CEO for an hour?
  • Gotten your hands really dirty?
  • Felt better about where you work?
  • Felt better about yourself?
  • Changed someone’s life?

These are the things I see every month at our DataXu Cares events. In fact, we are on pace to do more than 900 hours of service around the world this year!

If you clicked on this link, I don’t need to convince you that there are a ton of benefits of an outreach program but I do want to convince you that you can start one. I’ve been running corporate outreach programs for 10+ years and have done more than 100 events with anywhere from 5 to 150 people. A lot of people are impressed with that but the truth is, it’s not that hard and I would love to help you do the same.

A solid monthly program takes about 4 hours a month to run after set up – that’s it. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Find a passionate and outgoing leader – committees lose steam, and long term success depends on a steady driving force.  Find someone in the company who loves the idea and is willing to commit a few hours each month.
  • Keep it about service – focus on getting people out and active.   Asking for and/or donating money always increases complexity (and headaches). Also, stay away from the controversy of political and faith based activities.
  • Make it easy to volunteer – events that leave from work and are easy to get to/from are an easy sell.
  • Plan ahead – you can book events on websites or through a quick email if you plan far enough out.
  • Use my blueprint for the details – I’m happy to share my experience with many different kinds of events, recruiting methods, and event frequency as well as my network of partners and contacts.  Email me (mabram@dataxu.com) and I’d be happy to help get you started.

Check out our Facebook page to see volunteers doing all kinds of crazy things while giving back at charities like the Greater Boston Food Bank, PAWS Chicago, Cradles to Crayons, Charles River Conservancy, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Jimmy Fund and Friends of Boston’s Homeless.

Does your company make community service a priority? Leave how your organization cares (and any questions) in the comments!