dmexco 2017 recap: transparency, GDPR, & connected TV


Within the few years since its conception, dmexco has become a highly anticipated event for marketing professionals all over the globe. As the hot spot for the ‘Digiconomy’ it offers attendees a chance to learn from industry-leading speakers, make valuable new connections, and evaluate potential business ideas and deals.

However, for dmexco 2017, there was a new component that left a few of us pondering if it was going to be as successful as it had been in previous years. For the first time in the conference’s history, tickets had to be purchased. But regardless of the new price tag, the event proved to be extremely popular with over 40,000 visitors, 1,100 exhibitors, and 570+ speakers.

As the stands get bigger and better each year, so too does the content. This year was no exception, with some interesting themes coming to light over the two-day conference.

Key dmexco themes


dmexco is always at the forefront of addressing key issues in digital marketing. Topics such as Brand Safety, Viewability, and Ad Fraud were focal points in this year’s discussion. A good example was Mark Pritchard’s keynote on P&G’s journey towards a clean digital ecosystem. Pritchard said he believed the “industry was 60% of the way to implementing the five things necessary to usher in a new era of digital transparency: adopt a single viewability standard, implement third-party verification, transparent agency contracts, TAG-certified ad fraud prevention, and ensuring brand safety.” A viewpoint that our CEO, Mike Baker, strongly agrees with.


To quote Game of Thrones…GDPR is coming! It’s no secret that GDPR regulations on 1st- and 3rd-party data will soon impact the industry, and it’s now up to each of us to take control and ensure we are GDPR regulated come May 2018. If you missed some of the sessions at dmexco, you can always watch a recording of a webinar we hosted in August.

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Connected TV

Connected TV is a hot industry topic, and not just for digital teams. More traditional TV buyers are starting to see the benefits of bringing the precision of digital to TV campaigns. I was thrilled to see so many discussions centered around both Connected and Programmatic TV and how agencies and brands use innovation and data to achieve better results from their marketing investments. During our session on day two, Sky, Liberty Global, and our CEO discussed using custom audiences based on a brand’s own 1st-party data in TV campaigns. Didn’t get a chance to attend? Check out this short video recap:


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We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did!