Digital Miming: 3 ways to Adapt Your Videos to the Ever Changing World of Media Consumption


By Amanda Kimball, Account Manager 

Have you ever muted your TV or computer during a commercial?  Or kept the volume real low while watching a video in a crowded place?  If you’re anything like me, I bet you answered yes to at least one of these questions. Consumers need to be able to understand the message of your video without hearing the sound.  Videos auto play on my Facebook newsfeed without sound all the time and I don’t always tap on an Instagram video to hear the audio.  Given the fast paced world we live in, brands need to make sure that the time people spend with their content makes an impression, even if it’s a silent one. So how can marketers promote their brands in a world constantly blocking them out?

Here are 3 tips to capture your audience’s attention regardless if your customer puts you on mute:

  1. Visually tell a story – Some of the best ads are the ones that get people laughing, or capture their hearts. If you can visually tell a story, your ad will make an impact on the consumer with the sound on or off.  For example, the Budweiser #BestBuds Super Bowl commercial. No words needed, though the music is a great addition to the story!
  2. Text isn’t just for subtitles; it can help bring context to your ad and clearly communicate a call to action. Google uses this tactic in their Questions This is also a good workaround to the muted sound problem. Buzzfeed also uses this tactic frequently on its Facebook videos.
  3. Test your creative – Before you push all those media dollars behind your videos, make sure they are going to resonate with your customers. Turn off the sound of your video and ask yourself 2 questions:
    • Can I understand what the message of the video is? When watching the No Maybes ad by Maybelline without the sound on, the message gets lots and the user has no idea what they mean by ‘Maybe’ when it flashes across the screen.
    • Is your attention grabbed enough to keep you watching without any sounds?

No matter which media channel you decide to promote on, it is essential to know your audience and design your creative with that in mind.  Finding out how users are interacting with your content and if it’s resonating with your intended target audience can save you time and money in the long run.

As our ability to multitask increases, brands need to adapt their creative and marketers must understand how to digitally mime your way to stand out even when consumers puts them on mute.