Defining Programmatic TV – The New Advertising Frontier


This week, Mediatel published this new article by DataXu’s Chris Le May, SVP & MD, Europe and emerging markets. Take a look and click through to Mediatel for the full piece!

It has been more than half a century since the first television advert was broadcast in the UK, for SR Toothpaste. Since then, the medium has become part of Britain’s DNA. Fast-forward to recent years and we can see how the way brands approach the consumer has been completely revolutionised. Over the past decade, video consumption across devices has risen and so has the ad industry surrounding it.

In fact, it is predicted that the amount of time people will spend consuming online video each day will increase by 20% this year, according to a new report by ZenithOptimedia.

Insights by Ofcom confirm that people spent more time online, but, when asked which device they would miss the most, 37% of adults said they would miss their TV more than any other device.

Digital media, especially video, has already been hugely impacted by programmatic technology and many expect that the way TV advertising is bought and sold will fundamentally change over the next two to three years.

Programmatic TV is currently one of the biggest buzzwords in the industry. While still in its infancy in the UK, there has been a lot of movement across the pond. Companies like DISH, which DataXu is working with, has been making an impact after launching a programmatic platform that enables advertisers to buy individual TV impressions via real-time bidding.

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