A Day in the Life of a XuKeeper: Paul


In this week’s A Day in the Life of a XuKeeper, meet Paul Dean. This Chicago-based sales manager has called the Xu home for almost four years. Find out what makes him tick below!

Explain your role at DataXu. What do you do?

I help people sell stuff, from training new team members to closing large strategic partnerships

How did you land at DataXu?

I started on the agency side in account management, got an MBA, went to the publisher side for integrated media (it was primarily newspaper), then decided to go full on into digital – first at a performance marketing agency then at Accuen, and that led to DataXu almost 4 years ago.

What excites you the most about DataXu’s future?

Getting closer and closer to the holy grail of being able to measure and attribute the channels and creative that gets someone interested in a brand or product, then following that customer’s journey all the way through to purchase whether on- or off-line, learning about the drivers to action, and being smarter going forward.

DataXu’s core values are: Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation, Trust and Customer Obsession… the value that resonates with you most is….

You have to have it or you won’t be successful or do what you’re doing very long. You have to have fun being the best (Excellence), working together (Collaboration), dreaming together, “What if…?” (Innovation), supporting each other in good times and bad (Trust), always thinking about how to deliver on the client’s needs vs. wants (Customer Obsession). So if fun doesn’t answer the question directly, I would answer yes to all 5 values.

Word Association Time!

  • Most exciting aspect of Adtech
    • The innovation happening daily
  • What is your spirit animal
    • A what? According to Playbuzz, I’m an eagle, which sounds a little over the top. I usually just settle for being mistaken for Brad Pitt.
  • If you could have coffee with anyone from the industry, who would it be?
    • Jeff Bezos
  • I say DataXu, you say…
    • #1, built from the ground up
  • Favorite snack in the DataXu kitchen
    • Lindt dark chocolate truffles, we order them by the box
  • Fun fact
    • Our 20 person Chicago office is known for our very productive and fun (there’s that word again) culture. Is it a coincidence that 3 of us are going to the same lakeside resort with our families and significant others this weekend in Wisconsin, totally unplanned together?
  • Life advice
    • Do the right thing