A Day in the Life of a XuKeeper: Louiza


Meet Louiza Ogbue, a 3.5 year DataXu veteran, working in our Engineering department as a Sr. Database Administrator in the Boston office.


Explain your role at DataXu. What do you do?

I’m one of the Database Administrators (DBA) here at DataXu, and take care of the Reporting Warehouse (RWH), Data Warehouse Greenplum clusters, Postgres databases CIC, UIDM, and RTS.

How did you land at DataXu?

After graduating, I started out as an Oracle DBA for West Africa’s Oracle distributor, working for such clients as Shell Oil and Central Bank. I then moved to the UK and worked for various software consultancies primarily as an Oracle DBA, working for such clients as Lloyds and GlaxoWellcome.  When I moved to the US,  I worked for a few software consultancies again primarily as an Oracle DBA working for such clients as Fidelity, Wellington Management, and Biogen.

What’s exciting you the most about DataXu’s future?

The opportunity to learn and work on new technologies and interesting projects.

DataXu’s core values are: Excellence, Collaboration, Innovation, Trust and Customer Obsession… the value that resonates with you most is….

They all resonate,  but what seems to pull them all together is Collaboration. Xukeepers are really good at this. The ability to share knowledge, share and test ideas, shelve what doesn’t work and try for something that will work better is a really great aspect of working at DataXu.

Word Association Time!

I say programmatic, you say: Programmatic TV

What is your spirit animal?  Hmmm, never really thought about it. I like tigers though.

Favorite industry buzz word: Omni-channel

How do you relax? Singing in a choir

Favorite snack in the DataXu kitchen: Dry Roasted Almonds