Spotlight: dataxu’s Employee Referral Program


At dataxu, our mission is to hire the best and brightest. That’s why we have such a robust Employee Referral Program. Through a combination of prizes and swag, xukeepers are encouraged to engage their networks for our global job openings. What could be better than the promise of swag and the thrill of being surrounded by other “A” players?

In 2017, 25% of our new hires came through our referral program. To celebrate, we reached out to a few of our top global referrers to get some advice on how they successfully tapped their networks and spread the word about openings at the ‘xu.

Stephanie Goldfarb, Team Lead, Ad Ops, Boston

Ravina Jangra, Account Associate, Boston

Abhay Girwalkar, Senior Software Engineer, Boston

Ketan Katyare, Support Engineer, Bengaluru


What’s your favorite part about working at dataxu and how did you convey that messaging to potential employees?

Katyare: What’s most exciting for me is being part of a global team and having endless opportunities to grow professionally. When engaging my network, I would give an example or two of people who have been working at dataxu for a long time and how they have had the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technologies from multiple angles which helped them grow professionally.

Jangra: My favorite part about working at dataxu is the collaboration among departments and access to a plethora of resources.

Girwalkar: I really like our work culture and am very happy that we work with advanced technologies. Another major highlight is that people who work here are really talented.

Goldfarb: When I get asked what my favorite part of working at dataxu is, the immediate answer that comes to mind is my colleagues. I work in an environment where people support each other and encourage each other to learn and be better. Everyone celebrates each other’s successes and helps provide guidance when needed. This helps to foster a collaborative environment which is necessary for success!

What are some tips on how you reached out to and engaged with your network?

Jangra: I got the word out about dataxu via social media posts to educate my network about the Friends/Family referral program. The referral program was enticing to several members of my network because not many companies offer referral bonuses to friends/family of employees. It’s a win-win for everybody!

Girwalkar: I let my network know about the advantages of working at dataxu, particularly in the engineering departments. We work with a lot of advanced technologies and get to know them intimately. What’s even better is that dataxu supports learning about new technologies and enables implementation of those technologies into the product when applicable. The team here is also very encouraging and supportive of new ideas from employees.

Goldfarb: LinkedIn was a great tool in helping me connect with referrals. I would use LinkedIn to reach out directly to people within my network, share our open positions, and engage them in the right opportunity. From there, it was really important to connect with them to understand that person’s goals and career aspirations. It’s not only what they can do for dataxu, but what dataxu can do for them!

Katyare: I would post about the openings on social media and then speak with people who showed an interest and had the necessary skills. I would walk them through how they can contribute to dataxu’s success and how it can help them grow.

What aspect of the program was motivating for you? (As in, were you motivated by the prizes, by the thought of working with other “A” players? Or was it a combination?)

Girwalkar: For me, being able to share my experiences at dataxu with my network was highly motivating. Especially being able to share some of my favorite parts of working at dataxu, such as Innovation Day and Hackathons.

Goldfarb: I was motivated by the thought of working with people who are truly interested in dataxu. People have different work experiences, which in turn helps bring new ideas to the team that others can learn from.

Jangra: The prizes were a key motivator, but so was the idea of being able to help others find a home at a company like dataxu.

Katyare: Prizes are one factor and the other being able to help job lookers connect with a good opportunity.


Looking back on 2017, our Employee Referral Program was quite the success! We had 184 employees who participated in referring someone to dataxu. Referrals are a great way to introduce employees to our organization and continue the conversation with top talent in the market. We’re looking forward to what 2018 brings—happy hiring!


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