Introducing the dataxu women’s group


A few weeks ago, an intriguing email landed in my inbox. I’d been invited to a “women supporting women” event, hosted at our Boston headquarters. More than 30 women in the office got together for some snacks, a viewing of Sheryl Sandberg’s TED talk on women leaders and some invigorating discussion on how the group related to that talk. It was an awesome way to spend an hour winding down from the day, and is the first of a monthly event we’ll be hosting.

Our Chief People Officer Tiffany Mosher had a vision to bring female employees together, outside of their normal/regular day-to-day, to support and energize one another even more so than they already do. The idea came from an anonymous quote Tiffany came across that really resonated with her; “When you see something you like or admire in another woman, tell her. Let’s get in the habit of lifting each other up.” The issue Tiffany had was how to programmaitize this. So, Tiffany recruited several female employees from across dataxu to brainstorm ideas on how to further foster an environment where women support other women which is when the monthly women’s event was born.

Bringing the Women’s Group to life

Thanks to folks like Molly Griffin, Finance Manager, Ashley Basinger, Application Engineer, Taryn Devine, Marketing Manager, Nicole Cristaldi, IT Engineer, and Julie Monahan, Account Director, along with Tiffany, dataxu organized our inaugural event. Each delivered a few remarks to the group focused on how we can support and lift each other up over the course of our careers at dataxu, and potentially beyond. Each month onward, female employees can volunteer to host next month’s event but the focus will remain constant: support and lift your fellow female colleagues up daily.

I sat down with Tiffany to get additional background on the vision and intention behind assembling such a diverse group of women–we had attendees from engineering to marketing, finance to ad operations, some who have worked at dataxu for a month up to one of our first employees!

Where did the idea for these events come from?

Two places really: my want for a more empowering and supportive overall culture for women and the quote I shared that really resonated with me about women getting in the habit of lifting one another up. We could all use more of that!

What’s the vision/goal of the women’s’ monthly event?

Relationship building, support, gaining inspiration from our amazing female colleagues, informative, fun!

Why is assembling a group like this important?

It provides another way for women to support each other, have fun, share ideas, debate, apply our best ideas to our day-to-day lives.

Is there a larger-scale gender diversity initiative in place?

We always have and continue to focus on diversity as an important area of focus for dataxu. In 2017 dataxu was a founding member of HackDiversity whose overall focus is improving Boston’s diversity in Boston’s innovation economy. In 2017 we also hired an outside consultant to complete a diversity and inclusion assessment to help dataxu identify our areas of strength and challenges in hiring and retaining diverse talent. The assessment utilized employee survey data, executive interviews and employee focus group feedback. dataxu was provided with short and long term recommendations to better hire and retain diverse talent. We publish quarterly metrics on our diversity statistics and progress made against the D&I assessment recommendations, and are always looking for ways we can improve.

Check out some photos from the event:

Ashley speaking at women's event
Ashley Basinger speaking at women’s event

crowd at event Crowd at event

women smiling
Tiffany and Cortney after the event!

There’s no doubt that dataxu is a great place for anyone to work, but these kind of opportunities to collaborate with like-minded female colleagues make it even more appealing for women at any stage in their career.

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