DataXu releases open source dxskytap project


Today, we’re proud to release our dxskytap toolkit. This toolkit was developed with the help of the Skytap development team over the last two years to make it more efficient to work with the Skytap cloud, one of our virtual test environment providers. This Python-based toolkit provides a client library for the Skytap API, which we use to enable automated test environment creation.  We are releasing this toolkit to the open source community in the hopes that more companies will adopt this system and help us improve the reliability of, smash bugs in, and add new features to the toolkit.

Using dxskytap, DataXu developers create environments consisting of several VMs (virtual machines) running on a virtual network. Developers can either manually spin up environments or create environments as part of an automated test job. The dxskytap library provides an easy- to-use client that wraps calls to the Skytap REST API.

We invite you to investigate the code and use it. It’s currently hosted at github and is licensed using the New BSD license, the most “open” open source license out there. If you have ideas to improve dxskytap or find issues, please post them to the github issues page seen here:

Ryan Carey & Matt Ferrante