Connected TV offers instant campaign activation & airtime


In the growing field of advanced TV, advertisers are finding that all campaign types have their pros and cons. But one factor has remained consistent: there is typically a delay from the word “go” to when ad spots actually hit the screen. Generally speaking, the more advanced the campaign, the longer the lead-time. However, this has all changed with the recent combination of programmatic buying technology and connected TV.

Real-time advantage

As a solution, running connected TV campaigns through a programmatic platform, like dataxu’s TouchPointTM, allows advertisers to go from ideation to activation in the same day. With always-on access to premium TV inventory, a library of extensive data providers, plus real-time bidding and ad-serving technology, lead-times are cut from weeks to hours.

These benefits also extend beyond just the campaign launch. By reducing lead-times, connected TV opens up a world of possibilities for in-campaign optimization and test-and-learn scenarios. For example, if you find that creative A has a stronger, more compelling call-to-action than creative B, you don’t have to wait until the campaign is over to make changes. You can learn and make adjustments directly in the User Interface, and the change will be live the next minute, ensuring that you are making the most of every dollar.

Best of all, there is no need to sacrifice tactics or targeting for timeline. Let’s say that, in the week leading up to Black Friday, you receive word from your Retail client that there is additional budget to heavy-up their TV plan for the upcoming sale. Under this time crunch, most advanced targeting plans would be off the table, but with connected TV through TouchPointTM you can build your plan Monday morning and be on-air during a live Monday Night Football game that night!

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