Artificial intelligence: Making marketing easier


Artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a pillar of the science-fiction world. The possibility of robots taking over has been a key theme for the last few decades.

But for marketing professionals, artificial intelligence represents more than robot take-over. It holds a world of opportunity. The promise of AI brings with it a number of benefits and advantages that are just beginning to be realized.

The advent of advanced algorithms, faster processing speeds, and access to immense amounts of data enables modern-marketing professionals like you to put AI to work for your media strategies.

Benefits of AI and machine learning

AI enables faster, more efficient optimization of marketing campaigns which are both more personalized for the consumer and more effective for the advertiser. As a result, more and more marketers are incorporating AI into their programmatic marketing efforts to increase campaign performance and solve for latency and accuracy challenges.

The benefits of AI and machine learning are undeniable:

Enhanced dynamic bidding

AI can help you streamline your media budget through more aggressive bidding on users who fall within certain audiences. This intelligent dynamic bidding means you pay more when it matters, and avoid wasting spend where it doesn’t.

Lifting operational burden

Some dynamic algorithms, like dataxu’s Open AI for Ads, identify the most engaged audiences to solicit responses, in real-time. This kind of efficient bidding results in less manual, hands-to-keyboard optimizations and allows for more time for strategic consulting.

Better customer experience

Through machine learning, AI can detect top-performing attributes based on browsing behaviors and conversions and auto-adjust bids in real-time to ensure relevant and personal ads are served to consumers who are likely to convert.

AI and machine learning in practice

A few months ago, we launched a new AI initiative: Open AI for Ads. This first algorithm of Open AI for Ads enables agencies and their advertisers to identify the behavior patterns of consumers who are likely to engage with specific messaging/brands and adjusts bidding strategies automatically, in real-time. This drives more conversions among key audiences, at a lower cost.

This algorithm helps users to dramatically improve campaign performance by utilizing artificial intelligence powered by high-quality, proprietary data sets. On average, we have found that Open AI for Ads improves CPA by 15-27%.

We know there is no one-size fits all approach to targeting and optimization, which is why we offer marketing professionals a scientific approach to achieve their own unique business goals. Open AI for Ads is the perfect algorithm for those focused on enhancing and scaling 1st-party data as it allows marketing professionals to leverage their own high-quality data, in addition to proprietary data sets, to drive performance while reducing time spent on campaign management.

Utilizing AI for real-time optimization and bid management is a game-changer.

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If you’re interested in utilizing your 1st-party data to the fullest and maximizing ROI on premium inventory, we’d love to hear from you.