Why agencies & brands are bringing programmatic in-house


More and more agencies and brands are turning towards directly managing their own programmatic activity. Instead of working with external resources on running programmatic advertising campaigns, agencies and brands are pulling this activity in-house. And it seems that the trend is here to stay.

Why the trend?

There are multiple reasons why bringing programmatic in-house is becoming increasingly more popular. Starting with the fact that programmatic buying and selling has become the new normal in the marketing and advertising industry. By 2020, programmatic will account for 65% of all digital revenue and it makes sense. Programmatic—a data driven marketing approach—results in efficiencies across all marketing efforts including customer purchase, loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.

Coinciding with this, the traditional agency model has evolved drastically over the last few decades. By adopting a programmatic approach, and specifically by bringing a platform in-house, agencies have more control over media investments than ever before.

In a recent study commissioned by dataxu, 23% of global brand marketers felt that “being stretched too thin due to multiple technology partners” is currently their biggest obstacle to success. The implementation of an in-house platform helps to reduce the risks and increase the efficiency of marketing activities.

How can bringing programmatic in-house benefit you?

1) Higher productivity

By bringing your programmatic function in-house, you have direct access to key figures and changes in real-time. Training your own specialists, instilling your company values and targets into them, and developing your own real-time bidding strategies are all beneficial and result in higher productivity.

2) Full control of your media spend

Having direct access to your demand-side platform means you can see your actual spend figures when you need them. This enables you to be sure that there’s no competitive bidding which can lead to cannibalization of campaigns, and budgets can be reallocated at any time.

3) Consistent reporting

Last but not least, in-house programmatic technology enables you to perform analysis, implementation, and review of all performance metrics, in an agnostic system, within your own defined parameters—any time you’d like.

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