Addressable TV advertising 101


The TV experience as we know it has changed. In fact, emerging technology has created new opportunities for marketing professionals to connect with engaged TV audiences more effectively and efficiently than ever before. By utilizing Addressable TV (ATV), marketing professionals can reach specific audiences with 100% accuracy and no waste.

What is ATV advertising and how does it work?

Addressable TV provides advertising opportunities on TV to specified households through cable or satellite set-top boxes. Pre-loaded ads on set-top boxes enable marketing professionals to reach their audiences whenever and wherever they watch shows.
Addressable TV advertising 101

1. Custom audiences are matched to cable and satellite subscriptions.2. Viewers watch their favorite TV programs via cable or satellite provider.3. The advertiser’s creative only plays in selected households as defined by custom audiences.

Use ATV when you want to:

Reduce waste with increased accuracy: Target specific audiences such as consumers in-market for your product instead of general age and gender targeting.

Measure success: Report on controlled vs. exposed lift of sales, site activity, and branding.

ATV best practices:

  • Plan ahead; set aside ample time for campaign setup.
  • Ensure measurement is in place and review reporting regularly.
  • Partner with your programmatic platform and use your 1st- and 3rd-party data to manage the customer journey across both digital and traditional screens.

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