A day in the life of a xukeeper: Intern edition


Internships are a key part of today’s professional path. They enable students to get a sense of life after college or give young professionals their first foot in the door. Here at dataxu, we offer internships to give young professionals exposure to a corporate environment on a team where they can put what they’ve learned in the classroom into practice and to hopefully find some future xukeepers.

In this special edition of our “day in the life of a xukeeper” series, you’ll get an inside look at dataxu’s internship experience from our seven summer interns.

From the People Strategy team to the Development team, and even the Innovation team, you’ll hear about why they joined the dataxu team, what they’ve learned so far, and the biggest takeaway from their internship experience.

Meet the interns

dataxu 2018 interns

Aybike Ulusan, Data Science Intern, Optimization & Data Science Team

Arshitha Basavaraj, Engineering Intern, Big Data & Reporting Warehouse Engineering Team

Prashant Sawale, Engineering Intern, Big Data & Reporting Warehouse Engineering Team

Siddharth Garimella, Engineering Intern, Quality Assurance Engineering Team

Saachi Gopal, Engineering Intern, Systems Operations, Security & Release Engineering Team

Dhruva Kaushal, Engineering Intern, Real-Time Systems Engineering Team

Kit O’Connor, People Strategy Intern, People Strategy Team

Continue reading to learn more about what the interns have been up to this summer:

The inside look at dataxu’s internship experience

Why did you join dataxu?

Arshitha: From the start, everyone I spoke to at dataxu was very punctual and approachable. There was no delay with the interview process, which left a great impression. On my onsite interview, I met with the team I’d be working with. And the interaction was not only enjoyable but made me look forward to the kind of work that I’d be doing during the internship.

Siddharth: I joined dataxu because of the unique opportunity to experience an intersection of mathematics, computer science, marketing, and finance. It is something I am both fascinated by and find highly applicable to the outside world.

What type of projects are you working on? What one is the most interesting to you?

Saachi: I have primarily been working on developing a system for dataxu’s solutions to save money on Amazon Web Services expenses. This involves formulating a new tagging procedure as well as creating a tool that identifies the cost/usage for specific teams and projects while automatically retagging current and any future resources. Through this project, I have gained experience working with AWS and have been introduced to new technologies—such as lambda functions and serverless computing. In addition, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with engineering managers and their respective teams to incorporate their feedback into the system.

Prashant: I started as a part of reporting analytics where I worked on writing an integration test job for warehouse workflows—a tool that tests the spark changes in warehouse workflows. After that, I started working with the ClearSight™ Engineering team. I have been working on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment which makes life easy for developers while deploying the changes they make in their jobs. This includes creating automation jobs in jenkins. This CI/CD process provides a testing environment to a developer. If everything looks fine, they deploy their jobs to the actual production environment.

What have you gained from dataxu that will be applicable to the outside world?

Kit: Something that I have learned is how to effectively communicate with people through online platforms and phone calls. I will be able to use this tool on a daily basis from now on.

Dhruva: I have learned so much from my manager in the design of real-time systems. We have a great dialogue and he has a clear approach to everything, which it makes it easier for me to understand my role. I have been exposed to large-scale distributed systems, the AWS cloud platform, and data pipeline design in distributed systems that will be applicable to the outside world in the future.

What is your favorite part about dataxu?

Siddharth: My favorite part about dataxu is the approachability of the team. Learning skills and identifying resources quickly is a crucial skill to make meaningful contributions to the company as an intern, and the people at dataxu really do their best to make ramping up a smooth process.

Arshitha: It’s definitely the collaborative work culture. Seeking help is actively encouraged, which has made learning a lot more fun and effective at the same time. The flexibility with timing throughout the company is an awesome plus.

Which value—‘customer obsession’, ‘collaboration’, ‘excellence’, ‘innovation’, ‘trust’—most resonates with your time spent so far at dataxu?

Siddharth: During my time here, I’ve come to respect the focus dataxu places on innovation. While there is a healthy respect for new technologies at dataxu, there also exists a greater effort to get people to be more productive, which I believe matters more. It draws attention from the tools used to solve a problem towards actually finding a solution.

Saachi: The value of innovation has been most predominant in my time so far at dataxu. Despite only being here for a few months, I have seen the development of exciting new features for dataxu’s solutions as well as transitions in the company as a whole. It has also been rewarding to see my own projects—which have enhanced my skills—become meaningful contributions to dataxu!

Dhruva: customer obsession is new to me and not most companies have it, I like the way that if I think how the customer does, we do better.

What do you like to do outside of work in your free time?

Dhruva: This summer I really wanted to learn a new language, so I am working on learning Spanish. I also enjoy reading, and I am currently reading “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Arshitha: I have been exploring Boston and New England. I have been traveling a lot lately. Otherwise, I like to read.

What is one of the biggest takeaways from your internship thus far?

Aybike: I am learning how dataxu’s solutions work and how the data science team is ensuring that new technologies help marketing professionals drive success.

Saachi: I have learned that even small areas and projects have a tangible impact on the company. An opportunity to make a change like that is huge.


If you’re interested in learning more about our internship programs, please reach out to kmccarthy@dataxu.com. But, if you’re ready to jump on board full time, check out our careers page to discover what being a xukeeper is all about.