The 97% Fraud-Free Guarantee


Earlier today, we announced a major program on behalf of our customers.  Starting in January, our customers will be protected by a 97% fraud free guarantee.

It’s a simple program. If you experience a fraud rate greater than 3% across your entire monthly investment in DataXu’s exchange media offerings, we will automatically provide you with a billing credit.

Customers with master contracts with DataXu will receive a 100% credit for our fees associated with the fraudulent media greater than 3% and a 100% refund of any amounts we’re able to recover from the suppliers of that media. All other customers will receive billing credits subject to the terms of a particular campaign and billing cycle.

Why are we doing this? Let’s go back one step, to the question, “What’s the best way to attack fraud?” We think fraud is best addressed at the source. If publishers and exchanges could prevent bots and fake sites from getting into the system in the first place, it would make it better for everyone.

But that’s not happening in any consistent way today. And while there is some promising activity by individual suppliers and at the industry association level, it’s going to take a long time to sort out. Our customers can’t wait.

How are we measuring this? For this guarantee, we’ve partnered with DoubleVerify. Independent measurement is critical for the integrity of the program.

We’ve always taken a hands-on approach to fighting suspicuous activity in our supply chain, using a combination of proprietary technology, partner tools and Services team intervention. That, plus our commitment to our customers’ safety, makes us confident we can make this offer when no one else in the industry is.

If you want to know more, please reach out.