4A’s Transformation Conference Event Recap: It’s All About Innovation


DataXu was a proud sponsor of the 2017 4A’s Transformation conference, hosted at the JW Marriott, in Los Angeles, CA from April 2nd-5th.

The 4A’s organization continuously strives to foster innovation through advertising. Their commitment to the next generation of advertising leaders and their unbiased guidance is what makes attending their events unlike any others. Not flooded with buzz words – no oversaturation of vendors – this conference, honoring the organization’s 100th anniversary, was focused on agency leaders talking about something bigger and more important than themselves– how agencies and brands can continue to be innovative in an oversaturated market. In collaboration with DataXu, other sponsors for the event included brands such as Google, Pinterest and Twitter.

The three-day conference was filled with relevant industry themes including storytelling, transparency, agency models, global challenges and more. Notable speakers included Susan Noonan, Executive Director of Media and Analytics at Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, Jason White, EVP, Head of Marketing at Beats by Dr. Dre, and Andrew Bosworth, VP of Ads & Business Platform at Facebook among many others.

Facebook’s Bosworth gave a colorful talk about innovation, leveraging the story of mid-19th century ice barons’ resistance to adopting newfangled refrigeration technology. The story highlighted how traditional ice companies were unwilling to recognize that they were in the business of refreshment, and not simply ice.

While seemingly a bit out of context, it is a direction of thought which rings true for many businesses and marketers today. One notable example is Ford Motor Company. In 2016, Ford quietly acquired Chariot, the socially-conscious carpool service. Ford was smart, instead of falling behind like many traditional automotive companies solely focused on manufacturing cars – they know that their product isn’t an automobile; it is transportation.

Similarly, this is why companies like Facebook are investing in initiatives such as oculus and internet.org. Facebook understands that their product is not solely a social networking app on your mobile phone, but is the encompassing idea of human connection.

Here at DataXu, we can relate to this more advanced thinking. DataXu started out as a traditional demand side platform. But where we go from here is not about how many exchanges we’re plugged into or how fast our QPS is; it is about driving marketing ROI.

As such, we’ve invested heavily in non-traditional RTB channels like programmatic TV and are enabling a variety of advertisers to purchase individual, live TV impressions automatically. DataXu’s solutions unify everything marketers need in order to successfully meet their goals and helping both agencies and brand marketers do what they do best – innovate.


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