$54 Million Saved: The 2015 Advertising Fraud Report


Today, we’re excited to debut a new report more than 15 months in the making: The 2015 Advertising Fraud Report, the first in a DataXu series we’re calling the “Programmatic Quality Series.”

In January 2015, we put our 97% Fraud-Free Guarantee into place. Put simply, if a DataXu client experiences a fraud rate of more than 3% over the course of a month, we issue them a refund. No claim to be filed or process for our clients to initiate. The reason we did this is all about trust – trust of advertisers and agencies that we are working transparently and earnestly with them as true partners, and of our ecosystem relationships in us and our word.  The result of all this hard work is the lowest fraud rates in the industry, bar none.  This is just one more benefit of the Fraud Free Guarantee, and one more reason to trust DataXu.

So what did we see in 2015? A 2.84% overall fraud rate on the DataXu platform, which comes out to more than $50 million saved for our clients over the course of the year. What does this mean? It serves as solid proof that our unique defense-in-depth approach to fraud and quality protection is working.

DataXu's low annual fraud rate

DataXu has stood alone on the demand side in taking this type of money-on-the-line stance against fraud in the past. Slowly, we are at last seeing other players sit up and pay attention. We can only hope that ultimately all technology partners, both on the demand and sell side, will commit themselves to eradicating ad fraud.

We’re proud of this effort, and glad to be in the vanguard of fighting fraudsters at every turn.