The challenge

Adgenda, a media agency specializing in the global high-end property market, approached dataxu hoping to deliver against specific goals for a new website launched by their client.

dataxu® was asked to partner with Adgenda to achieve a mixture of awareness and acquisition KPIs. The client wanted to increase awareness of its newly created website, and also drive interest via brochure downloads for each of its high-end properties. The client wanted to deliver on these two goals while maintaining a CPA of £500 or less.

The solution

dataxu leveraged its powerful technology and a strategic blend of tactics to target the key demographic audience. The client’s target audience was segmented into Legal, Healthcare and Media professionals. dataxu identified an additional audience segment to target through the use of dataxu’s algorithms based on the client’s own first-party data.

dataxu overlaid keyword targeting and also sourced a private marketplace with LinkedIn to increase the client’s reach among its target audience. Using dataxu’s powerful OneView™ identity & data management platform, the consumer journey was tracked and attributed across all devices.

The results

The dataxu-run campaign delivered 20.2K total clicks and achieved an impressive final CPA of £184.75. The final CPA was less than half of the customer’s original target CPA and was 4x lower than earlier campaigns run by other demand side platform partners.

dataxu’s OneView™ technology mapped the incremental cross-device actions taken by target consumers. OneView™ revealed that a majority of target audience members viewed the campaign on mobile, but ultimately converted on desktop. Adgenda was able to inform their client that mobile was a strong channel to drive awareness and consideration, but that desktop still drove the majority of conversions. These data-driven learnings will inform future Adgenda campaign strategies.